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Iraq News – Iraq Caught in Middle USD vs BRICS  Will This Affect IQD Investors?


“Iraq’s entry into the SWIFT foreign transfer platform list has a positive impact on Iraq, which has led to the stability of the market on the one hand and preventing smuggling on the other.”


Iraq’s current listing and implementation of their entry into the Swift System is now underway.


This will keep Iraq’s currency secure and deliver more velocity to their National Currency near and far.


This is truly a monumental achievement for Iraq. It is an entrance into the International stage inside a global digital banking system.


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Economist: Iraq’s Entry Into The SWIFT Platform Led To The Stability Of The Market And Preventing Currency Smuggling




A great transfer of wealth is underway on the institutional level. Institutional money moves mountains in the global world of finance.


This amount of money is not moved very often. Only in times of transitions in our economy do you see these kinds of moves.


People with money along with banks are consolidating and positioning themselves for a transition. (See articles below)


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Bloomberg LINK 1

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“The New Development Bank (NDB) of the BRICS group has begun to offer loans in local currencies.”


When a Global World Reserve Currency loses its value as we are currently witnessing, new alliances are formed that establish new values in countries seeking refuge from the fall.


This new alliance being established with the BRICS Nations in the form of loans in a country’s own local currencies will establish new credit for those countries who used to utilize the dollar for credit.


It will increase the demand for their own local currencies in the east, and these new lines of credit along with demand will increase their value.


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BRICS New Development Bank Now Offers Loans in Local Currencies Instead of US Dollar




“Russia is launching a new payment system that is “bound by no restrictions” where digital currencies could be used in cross-border payments, said Russian Finance Minister Anton Siluanov. “Two parties come to an agreement, make settlement payments, and no other country could step in and freeze such payments,” the top official explained.”


Oh my, this is going to be very attractive to countries trying to avoid sanctions under our current financial system.


This new movement of money will create money velocity in countries who take their sovereignty back and begin operating with their own local currencies.


New values are forming all over the world. At any moment, these new implemented values will begin to show up in our currencies.


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“The Commodity and Futures Trading Commission has sued 14 entities for fraudulently claiming to be registered as futures commission merchants (FCM) and retail foreign exchange dealers (RFED).”


The CFTC is cleaning house of exchange dealers for a reason.


This will enable people to make foreign currency transactions with a piece of mind.


As a group, we have been noticing how our new digital-asset based trading system is formulating security and clarity for our road ahead.


Currency reforms include cleaning the swamp.


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CFTC charges 14 FX dealer firms for fraudulent registrations claims




Wealth Managers have gone digital.


Digital Wealth Managers are currently utilizing digital tools with other established financial advisors to create standardized client experiences across all digital devices and platforms.


If you think our banks have not been in transformation this past year and a half, you might want to take another look.


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