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ISO 20022…. LET’S DO IT






“Online payment processing will be unavailable on Saturday, April 1, 2023, from 6-10 p.m. ET due to scheduled maintenance of the U.S. Treasury’s payment processing system.”


We talked about this months ago. How the US Treasury payment system was in process of digitizing their payment systems.


It looks like the US Treasury System is updating their payment processing system today.


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How Do Currency Swaps Work?


This article was updated 2 days ago. 😉


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The BRICS Nations are working on a basket of currencies that will best serve their economy in the eastern half of our world.


This basket of currencies does not include the dollar or the euro.


These basket of currencies will be based upon their five member block who started the BRICS Nations.


Brazilian Real, Russian Ruble, Indian Rupee, Chinese RMB Yuan and South Africa’s Rand.


This is allowing them to increase the demand on their own local currencies and reducing dependence upon the dollar and the euro.


Demand equals a raise value, and developing their own payment structure is allowing them to move their local currencies across borders at lightning speed increasing the velocity of their money as well.


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The ISDA stands for the International Swaps and Derivatives Association.


The most common derivative types are futures, forwards, swaps, and options.


The above categories are contracts between two parties whereby a derivative from the above four categories derives its value from an underlying asset.


These assets and others are being tokenized with a supporting contract between that token and asset with a commodity.


This transition is all about giving real values to our assets going forward.


The derivative market has many assets that are being currently moved into a commodity based trading digital asset.


Thus, the movement from Libor contracts to SOFR contracts is the path into our future allowing collateralized assets to give lasting value to their existence.


This is the transition my friends we are looking for that will allow currency swaps to take shape.


Currencies are a large portion of the derivative markets whereby Forex constitutes a sector of the market we need to watch.


All of the above mentioned has a back wall date of June 30th 2023.


What makes this even more interesting is the FedNow International Payment System launches a few days later.


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ISDA: The Final LIBOR Hurdle,launch%20taking%20place%20July%202023.


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