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Uh-oh. It looks like the debt ceiling has not been completely decided just yet.


Geopolitical issues on both sides are not budging on the debt ceiling at this point.


Bank defaults and consolidations remain an issue.


These issues along with the PCE or personal consumption expenditure index reading at the end of the week have the ability to affect our market by the end of the week.


Put simply, the general public is not capable of affording life in our present economy.


Folks, we are in a hot mess. A reset is near for the economy.


Look for monetary policy changes that provide liquidity through the repricing of oil, gold, and silver to be on the horizon.


This repricing event has and will be the accumulative effect of all of the digital asset-based trading changes that have been made in Congress to this point come alive


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In our present-day scenarios. Gold and the dollar were seen as safe haven assets in the past, and the dollar was capable of being weaponized to hold other currencies down.


At this time, central banks around the world account for 33% of the demand for gold. Because of this new trend, gold is currently capable of being weaponized against the dollar.


And, this is what we are seeing as the world is making known it’s new preferences and trend for the global markets.


Gold is clearly the great equalizer, and it is leveling the playing field everywhere.


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