Goldilocks Goldilocks Monday 3-6-2023 “CBDC’s and Stable Coin”

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Goldilocks posted 2 commentaries with links and a statement this morning:


“The U.S. Treasury Department is still considering different aspects related to the introduction of a digital currency controlled by the central bank.”


The Treasury’s CBDC Working Group is studying both wholesale and retail CBDCs.


So far, Central Bank Digital Currencies are having trouble being scaled for utility purposes in the local economy.


Currently, their use case operability causes technical issues.


CBDC does have a value in supporting Stablecoins. They have the ability to simplify the process of transferring value among stablecoins providing more flexibility in the use of Stablecoins.


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Iraq’s Ministry of Finance had a meeting with the Director of the World Bank Office in Iraq.


It was “confirmed on Sunday that the government is determined to proceed with a package of reforms to provide the requirements of a balanced economic renaissance in Iraq, according to a statement issued by the Finance Ministry.”


In other words, Iraq has made the decision to grow several segments of the economy in a harmonious manner.


This move takes their economic reforms into the private sector allowing growth from within the country to become self-sustaining.


This will create an environment whereby growth inside the country and outside the country will be met with supportive reforms ensuring their growth.

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Iraqi government to carry out reforms for economic renaissance




Goldilocks:  We are now getting clear deviation points of what the Central Bank Digital Currencies can and cannot do.


Now, look for more Stablecoin regulations to begin.


This will finalize payment options inside our local economy.


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