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Tomorrow is a very exciting day for all of us. We begin our journey into the digital asset-based trading ecosystem through ISO 20022.


The final phase of development in the QFS will be a determination made between stablecoins and digital tokens.


Stablecoins are backed by commodities with a fixed rate of a commodity value placed on them.


Digital tokens are value derived by the amount of money held in a customer’s digital wallet.


The banking system believes that a more stable rate can be placed on digital tokens versus stablecoins.


Both tokens represent stability and security for the holder of them. The commodity system that backs both of these assets is held in the custody of financial institutions who mint them.


When all of the dust is settled on the coming transformation of our markets currently being tokenized, we will then be able to place tangible monetary values on the currency / digital currency sector of the market to support them.


Legislation on our monetary reforms will be formulating and becoming visible this month. As Congress votes on this final process and development of the QFS, we will get a clearer picture as to when and how our currency revaluations will take place around the world.


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“On Monday, 20 March 2023, more than 11,000 institutions in over 200 countries and territories, their vendors and technology teams, and many domestic payments platforms will start their migration to ISO 20022 for payments and related messaging.”


This is one of the largest migrations ever taken by a financial institution in the history of our world.


It is a life-changing event that will affect every person around the world.


I want to personally thank each person who has followed me since early last year on this journey to learn about this new digital banking system, but our work is not over just yet.


Once we have this payment system in place that will unify various Payment Systems from all over the world, we can then formulate prices on the digital currency values and currency values going forward.


It is an exciting time for all of us.


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Takeover of Credit Suisse bank could see 10,000 jobs lost.


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