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RJ:  Here is a very significant post that Goldilocks made at 9:12 am EST this morning.


Goldilocks:  “The JPM Coin is one of the highest profile tokenized deposits, but smaller banks such as Signature also have blockchain-based payment networks that support 24/7 payments. Both JPM Coin and Signature’s Signet support payments only between existing bank clients.


Signet recently said that cargo shipping firms are the largest users ( of its blockchain payments network because it supports instant payments outside of banking hours.”


Read this last paragraph closely.


The cargo shipping industry is the largest user of the blockchain industry.


The exchange rates that move across borders are operating 24/7.


This is why it is important for us to watch the water.


The JPM Coin is a tokenized Deposit Token that will allow these transactions to move across the waters.


Remember, JPMorgan was the lead Bank in the banking industry who tested the Web 3 application before any one else.


The decentralization of our digital asset based economy is coming to fruition.


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Goldilocks:   We are witnessing in real time the evolution of stablecoins.


Remember, stablecoins represent a country’s currency in digital format allowing Banks to trade across borders in foreign currencies.


We are approaching the time when they will be giving a new value based upon a commodity asset backing them.


This will give a new value to the digital / paper currency industry.


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Goldilocks:  “Iraq’s foreign exchange reserves rise to 115 billion USD.”


Liquidity is the primary investment objective of a foreign reserve portfolio.


Foreign currency reserves are invested to ensure that adequate liquidity is maintained to fulfill orders on both sides of a trade.


In an age of smart contracts on the digital asset-based trading system, this will be a requirement to fulfill orders on both sides of a digital trade in cross border International trading.


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Iraq’s foreign exchange reserves rise to 115 billion USD




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Goldilocks:  “Ethereum developers agreed ( on Feb. 28 as the target date for pushing the Sepolia test network (testnet) through the Shanghai upgrade (, the blockchain’s big upcoming move to allow withdrawals of staked ether (ETH).”


Ethereum has pushed their upgrade in March up to a new date.


They are currently expecting to launch their New Shanghai Upgrade on February the 28th, 2023.


This will allow the Gulf Regions and the Eastern countries to move their digital-assets across borders much easier.


It will confirm funds on both sides of a trade bringing the Eastern and Western countries together on digital asset-based trading mechanisms run through the Ethereum protocols.


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