Government source: Trade gold, cars, mobile phones and cigarettes on the dollar selling platform soon

A government source reported today, Monday, that directives have been issued to adopt the trade in gold, cars, mobile phones, and cigarettes within the dollar selling platform soon.

The source explained, “Based on the Prime Minister’s directives regarding regulating trade and import operations for some materials and goods, most of which are financed from the parallel market and the negative effects it has on the stability of exchange rates, the Ministerial Council for the Economy will consider proposing important decisions to facilitate and simplify the entry procedures for importers of gold and cars.” And mobile phones and cigarettes to the external financial transfer platform.

He added, “These decisions and instructions will be the catalyst for importers of these goods to abandon the process of buying and transferring dollars through the parallel market for the dollar and direct them towards the platform for the foreign currency selling window in the Central Bank of Iraq at the official price.”

The source confirmed, “This will have a positive and significant impact on reducing the price of the dollar in the parallel market, as trade in the above materials contributes the largest proportion of the demand for the dollar in that market.”