Heresy Financial The Budget That Would Save America

The Budget that would Save America


Heresy Financial:  5-27-2023


Many people think the United States is past the point of no return. When we look at the sheer number of dollars, our federal government is spending every year and the fact that it looks like that spending has no chance of doing anything but increasing, it does seem hopeless.


It seems like there is nothing we can do but barrel forwards toward our inevitable collapse.


But that is not the case.


The financial situation the United States is in is very fixable. There are a few simple changes that we could make or that Congress could make very easily that would result in little pain that would put us back on the path towards increasing our nation’s wealth rather than wasting it away as quickly as possible.


The reality is there is no free lunch. There is always a tradeoff. You must always ask what is the cost?


Because there is a very actual cost of continuing the path that we are going on, which is ultimate financial collapse. There is a cost to fixing things, but the cost means a much greater return in the future.




0:00 Introduction


1:36 Mandatory Spending Cuts


8:55 Discretionary Spending Cuts


14:08 The Crazy (but best) Option