Heresy Financial There is $80 Trillion in Missing Dollar Debt

There is $80 Trillion in Missing Dollar Debt


Heresy Financial:  12-6-2022


The Bank of International Settlements released a bombshell report detailing over $80 trillion worth of short-term dollar debt that exists globally off-balance sheets.


This means that regulators, central banks, analysts have no way of identifying where this debt is, exactly how much of it there is, and that means they cannot produce any potential solutions should there be a dollar funding squeeze.


And during both the great financial crisis and during March of 2020, when there were massive crises that happened quickly, there were absolutely these dollars funding squeezes that caused major problems to the global financial system.


As the title of the Bank of International Settlements report points out, this problem is huge, the debt is missing, and it is growing.




0:00 $80 Trillion Worth of Short-Term debt Exist Globally


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1:48 Dollar Debt in FX Swaps and Forwards


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