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Protesters Continue Their Sit-In To Achieve The Demands, Most Notably The Dissolution Of Parliament

Sumerian special   2022-08-08 | 02:00   Source:  Sumerian   141 views   For the ninth day, the protesters continue their sit-in to achieve the demands, most notably the dissolution of Parliament

Protesters continue their open sit-in for the ninth day in a row the green Zone  Center Baghdad Demanding the dissolution of Parliament, the establishment of early elections and the change of the current political system, in addition to bringing the corrupt to justice and holding them accountable.

Sadrist Movement, the most popular weight inIraqProtesting here in front of Parliament for the second week in a row,, The demonstrators say that the demands have become clear and obvious, and the government must implement them if it wants to end the sit-in.

. To him the protesters are here

, and the clans, with their chants and flags, were not absent from the scene of the protests, at a time when the October demonstrators who responded to Al-Sadr’s call to form an addition and support for the protesters met them.   LINK

The New Generation: We are surprised by the silence of the Parliament over the arrests of MPs during the Kurdistan demonstrations

Policy   2022-08-07 | 07:43   4,753 views   The head of the New Generation bloc, Sarwa Abdel Wahed, was surprised today, Sunday, by the absence of an official denunciation by the Presidency of the House of Representatives regarding the arrest of a number of federal parliament deputies during the Kurdistan demonstrations.

Abdul Wahed said in an interview with Alsumaria News: “We are surprised that there is no official denunciation by the Presidency of the Parliament regarding the arrest of a number of Federal Parliament deputies during the region’s demonstrations yesterday, even though the Speaker of Parliament called personally.”

She added, “There are those who asked not to talk officially about the arrest of the deputies.”

Abdul Wahed said in a press conference attended by Alsumaria correspondent, that “yesterday’s demonstrations in Sulaymaniyah were popular demonstrations like others that take place in the streets of Baghdad and demand services and an adjustment of the economic situation.”

She added, “The authorities in the region suppressed the demonstrations, although the calls were for peaceful protest,” noting that “more than 600 detainees were arrested by the security forces in the region in all the cities of the region.”

Abdul Wahed indicated, “The demonstrations in the region will continue until the demands of the people in the Kurdistan region are fulfilled,” noting that “what happened yesterday is evidence of the fear of the power parties in the region from the voice of the people.”

Dozens demonstrated, yesterday, Saturday, in the province of Sulaymaniyah in protest against the conditions in the Kurdistan region, while the security forces there arrested deputies, journalists and activists.  LINK

Al-Halbousi And Al-Kazemi Discuss Strengthening Political Understandings

Policy  2022-08-07 | 14:01   Source:  Alsumaria news   2,138 views   On Sunday, Parliament Speaker Muhammad Al-Halbousi and Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi discussed strengthening understandings at the level of political forces.

A statement by Al-Halbousi’s office said, “The Speaker of Parliament received, today, Sunday, Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi, to discuss the overall current political situation that the country is going through.”

During the meeting, according to the statement, “they exchanged views, discussed the latest developments in the political and parliamentary situation, and ways to enhance understandings at the level of national political forces within the framework of the initiative presented by Al-Kazemi to get out of the current crisis and to develop solutions for it, for the interests of the Iraqi people.”

During the meeting, the two parties presented “joint visions aimed at strengthening the course of the constitution and the law, putting the citizen’s interest first, and taking into account that its results are the true expression of the will of the Iraqi people and their aspirations for sustainable security and stability.”  LINK

Al-Fath: The Necessity Of Resorting To The Language Of Dialogue And Understanding In Order To Solve The Political Crisis

Iraq   12:43 – 08-08-2022   A member of the Al-Fateh Alliance, Khaled Al-Saray, stressed the need to resort to the language of dialogue and understanding in order to solve the political crisis and maintain peace and democracy.

Al-Saray said in a press statement, “The only way out of the political crisis lies in resorting to calm, dialogue and wisdom in order to bring the country to safety.”

He added, “Iraq has a constitutional institution represented by the parliament, which holds accountable any person or party that offends Iraq and its constitutional and legal articles.”

And he indicated that “a concession between the political parties would preserve peace and democracy, to achieve peace and to avoid tension and fighting, to ensure that every Iraqi gets what he deserves.”

Al-Saray stressed the need to find solutions to the current situation through wisdom, dialogue and understanding between brothers by moving away from misunderstandings between political parties.

The President Of The Republic Receives The Vatican’s Ambassador To Iraq

Iraq   11:59 – 08-08-2022  The President of the Republic, Dr. Barham Salih, received, at the Peace Palace in Baghdad, the Ambassador of the Vatican State to Iraq, Mitja Laskovar.

During the meeting, they discussed the strong joint bilateral relations between the two friendly countries and ways to develop them, broadening the horizons of joint cooperation in all fields, and joint coordination to promote a culture of coexistence, dialogue and convergence in order to establish peace.

The President of the Republic praised the role of the Vatican and the efforts of the Supreme Pontiff, His Holiness Pope Francis, in support and concern for the security and stability of Iraq and its people, and the consolidation of a culture of love and tolerance among peoples.

Al-Watania: The dissolution of Parliament has become an urgent situation, and this procedure must be preceded by this procedure

Posted On2022-08-08 By Sotaliraq   On Monday, the National Coalition called for a comprehensive national dialogue before dissolving the parliament, noting that the issue of dissolving parliament has become an urgent case, but new determinants of the political process must be set.

The leader of the coalition, Adnan Al-Danbous, said in a statement, “The crisis that the country is going through was not surprising, but rather expected as a result of the legal interpretations of the previous and current Federal Courts, which put the political forces in a permanent state of disagreement.”

Danubs added, “The parliaments of the peoples of the world will be the winner of the highest seats who confront the executive responsibility and the loser addresses the responsibility of the opposition, except in Iraq, everyone is in power and everyone is in opposition.”

He explained, “The issue of the political crisis will not be resolved except by dissolving Parliament, but it must be preceded by a comprehensive national dialogue before the announcement, as it is agreed that Parliament will continue for a specified period for the purpose of approving a new election law, naming a new electoral commission, and choosing one of the two options discussed regarding the first government, forming a new government or keeping Al-Kazemi with changing his entire cabinet and granting it legitimacy for a specific period and bound to a specific program.”

Danbos pointed out that “the approval of the form of the electoral law and the electoral commission and the form of the government is agreed upon in advance through the comprehensive national dialogue.” finished / 25 AD    LINK

Barzani’s Party: The Language Of Dialogue And Making Concessions Is The Most Important In The Current Situation

Posted On2022-08-08 By Sotaliraq  The leader of the Kurdistan Democratic Party, Repin Salam, confirmed on Monday that the language of dialogue between the political blocs is the most important at the current stage.

In an interview, Salam said, “The language of dialogue between the political blocs and making concessions from all forces is the most important in the current stage.”

He added that “the language of escalation and adherence to positions will not serve the political process and will not end the current crisis, and therefore the situation will remain as it is, and the most affected is the citizen, and all political blocs must understand this matter.”

Earlier, a member of the State of Law coalition, Khaled Al-Saray, stressed the need to resort to the language of dialogue and understanding in order to solve the political crisis and maintain peace and democracy. LINK


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