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15 ISIS elements, including leaders, killed in airstrikes in western Anbar
Media officials with the Ministry of Defense announced on Thursday the killing of 15 ISIS elements, including leaders, during an aerial bombing by the Iraqi Air Force in the district of Heet in western Anbar.
The officials said in a statement received by, “The Falcon Intelligence Cell of the Ministry of Interior managed to monitor the precise movements of ISIS leaders to a shelter in the district of Heet,” pointing out that, “After the leaders were present [in the shelter], on Thursday, Iraqi aircraft in coordination with the joint Special Operations Command targeted them using missiles that led to explosions inside the shelter.”

The statement added, “The operation resulted in the death of more than 15 terrorists, including senior leaders who are Abu Hammam Jazrawi, a Saudi national, Shiban Fayez al-Ani, Abu Maysara al-Ansari, Salah Bardan al-Hayali and Abu Walid al-Halabi, a Syrian national who entered Iraq a few days ago.”
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