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Joint Operations announces killing 12 ISIS leaders, including Arabs and foreigners, in western Anbar


Joint Operations Command announced on Saturday the killing of 12 senior leaders of the ISIS organization, including Arabs and foreigners, in addition to wounding a “substantial” number of militants by an aerial bombardment in western Anbar.

The command said in a statement received by, “The warplanes carried out air raids against a shelter for ISIS belonging to the so-called Wilayat Baghdad in the city of al-Qaim,” adding that, “The operation resulted in killing dozens of elements of the ISIS gangs, including leaders, in addition to injuring a large number of them.”

The statement added, “The most important figures among the ISIS dead were Abu Ali al-Salamani, Muntasir al-Haradani (also known as Abu Omar al-Ansari), Sabah Fallah, Abu Turab al-Muhajir from eastern Asia, Abu Jarah al-Iraqi, Abu Ibrahim al-Shami, a Syrian national,” pointing out that, “Abu Obaida al-Saudi, Abu AbdulRahman, an Arab national, Abu Sulaiman al-Kuwaiti, Omar al-Satouri (Abu Ishaq al-Shami), Mohamed al-Mashadani (Abu Suhaib) and Khaled al-Zahrani were also among the dead.”

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