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Tuesday Afternoon Iraq Parliament News Highlights 7-26-22


Disclosure Of The Details Of The Negotiations Between The “Two Poles Of Kurdistan” Regarding The Position Of The President Of The Republic


Sumerian special   2022-07-26 | 05:16   Source:   Alsumaria news   1,632 views   Alsumaria News – Baghdad   The representative of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, Iman Abdul Razzaq, revealed today, Tuesday, the latest developments in her party’s negotiations with the Kurdistan Democratic Party, regarding the position of President of the Republic.


In an interview with Alsumaria News, Abdul Razzaq said, “Dialogues and negotiations between the two Kurdish parties, the Yekti and the Parti, are still ongoing, and there is no agreement, for the moment, on a single candidate or a specific figure, or on official outcomes for the media.”


She added: “In the event that the two parties do not reach a final agreement, the Kurdish forces have no choice but to return to the 2018 scenario, and the vote is left to the members of the House of Representatives.”


She pointed out, “The Patriotic Union of Kurdistan is still firmly committed to its candidate, Barham Salih for the position of President of the Republic, and it is not correct to accept any other candidate that is proposed for a settlement.”


Yesterday, the coordinating framework announced an agreement on Muhammad Shia Al-Sudani as a candidate for the position of prime minister, while members of the framework were directed to the Kurdish parties to resolve their candidate for the position of President of the Republic.   LINK


Parliamentary Meeting On “Turkish Violations” Of Iraqi Lands – Urgent


Policy   2022-07-26 | 04:32    816 views    Alsumaria News-Baghdad   Today, Tuesday, the House of Representatives held a parliamentary meeting on Turkish violations of Iraqi lands, after the recent bombing of Dohuk Governorate.


The media of the House of Representatives said in a statement received by Alsumaria News, that “the Deputy Speaker of Parliament, Dr. Shakhwan Abdullah, chaired the meeting of the Parliamentary Committee on Turkish violations against Iraqi lands.”


Today, the House of Representatives is scheduled to receive a report from the parliamentary committee formed by Parliament to reveal the details of the Turkish bombing of Dohuk, in coordination with the government committee.


Today, the UN Security Council is also holding a special session to discuss the Turkish bombing of Dohuk, at the request of Iraq to the council   LINK


The Kurdistan Democratic Party Identifies Two Ways To Solve The “Complex” Of The Post Of President Of The Republic


Policy   2022-07-26 | 03:19   2,907 views   Alsumaria News – Baghdad   The leader of the Kurdistan Democratic Party, MP Mahma Khalil Ali Agha, identified today, Tuesday, two methods, which he said contribute to solving the problem of choosing a candidate for the post of President of the Republic, while he ruled out holding a parliament session next Thursday to elect the president.


Agha said in a statement received by Alsumaria News, “The upcoming sessions of the House of Representatives will be dedicated to determining the day of the session to elect the President of the Republic in accordance with Articles 70 and 71 of the Iraqi Constitution, in the presence of two-thirds of the members of the House of Representatives.”


He added, “As an electoral merit, size and weight, the Democratic Party has the right to present its candidate for the presidency, who is Riber Ahmed, and this right was used by the other components in the presidency of the House of Representatives and in the prime ministership.”


Ali Agha said, “It is in the interest of the Iraqi people that the parties that insist that the position of the President of the Republic be from a particular party, and this matter was left by the Sunnis as well as the Shiites in the positions of the presidency of the House of Representatives and the ministers, so it is in the interest of the National Union not to cling to this culture.”


He suggested, “Two methods are used in the matter of agreeing on a candidate for the Kurdish house for the presidency of the republic, which are: either going to one reference, which is the parliament of the region, to nominate a candidate for the presidency of the republic, or adopting the electoral weight and merit in the process of choosing the party that presents a candidate for the presidency of the republic.”


He explained, “The Shiite house’s agreement on Muhammad Shia’a Al-Sudani to nominate for prime minister, we respect him, and he is a national figure, and I dealt with him personally, and he is close to everyone.”


He pointed out, “There is a meeting held between President Masoud Barzani and Bafel Talabani, and they reached advanced levels of understanding, but the issue of renewing Barham Salih  as President of the Republic, this will not happen, because Salih has lost his political compass, and it is not acceptable in the political space.” Who accepted Muhammad Al-Halbousi for the presidency of the House of Representatives, and Muhammad Shia Al-Sudani as the prime minister.


And he continued, “Saleh’s clinging to this position is what created the political blockage, as he has problems with the coordination framework, and problems even within his party.”   LINK


Finally… The Coordinating Framework Chooses Its Candidate For Prime Minister


Sumerian special   2022-07-26 | 02:55   Source:   Sumerian   941 views   The Iraqis, before the observers, gather that there are possible indicators to draw an expected picture of the next prime minister before choosing the framework for the candidate. Is it not important? The most important questions are about his political ability, integrity, leadership ability, and the personal charisma that he is supposed to possess for a stage of existential change in Iraq. Most important of all, can he restore the confidence of the simple citizen? Will he have political and patriotic courage, a question that will be answered in the coming days and weeks.   LINK


Parliamentary Security And Defense Denies The Existence Of An Agreement After 2003 That Allows The Entry Of Turkish Forces


Iraq   09:56 – 2022-07-26   The Security and Defense Committee in the House of Representatives denied the existence of an agreement signed after 2003 that allows the Turkish side to carry out military operations inside Iraqi territory.


Committee member Jawad al-Bolani said, “The Turkish side claims in the bombing operations that it has an agreement with the Iraqi government that allows it to carry out armed activities inside Iraq, sometimes they claim that it dates back to the eighties of the last century, and others say it was signed after the change of the previous regime.”


Al-Bolani added, “The truth of the matter is that Iraq did not conclude security agreements after 2003 that would allow the Turks to enter Iraqi territory.”


Al-Bolani stressed, “Iraq did not give a green light for the entry of Turkish forces into its territory, and no agreement was signed after 2003.”


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs: The Security Council’s statement supports Iraq’s position


Iraq   09:22 – 07-26-2022    Today, Tuesday, the Iraqi Ministry of Foreign Affairs confirmed that the Security Council statement supports Iraq’s position, while noting that it is the first of its kind.


Ministry spokesman Ahmed Al-Sahaf said, “The statement of the Security Council condemning the attack on Iraq’s sovereignty is the first of its kind in the context of a series of Turkish violations of Iraq’s sovereignty and security.”


Al-Sahaf added, “The content of the statement supports Iraq’s position and puts the procedures for considering the attack on national sovereignty in a new context.”


The UN Security Council Condemns The Attack On Dohuk Governorate


Iraq   23:08 – 2022-07-25   The UN Security Council condemned the Turkish attack on Dohuk province.


The UN Security Council said in a statement that it “condemns the attack on Dohuk Governorate, and reiterates its support for Iraq’s independence, sovereignty, unity and territorial integrity.”


“We support the Iraqi authorities in the investigations into the attack, and we urge all member states to cooperate with the Iraqi government to support the investigations,” he added.


The UN Security Council had set Tuesday as the date for an emergency session on the Turkish aggression.


A diplomatic source said, “At the request of Iraq, the UN Security Council has set Tuesday / July 26, 2022 as the date for an emergency session regarding the Turkish aggression on Iraqi territory.”

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