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Thursday AM Iraq Parliament News Highlights 10-6-22


Al-Kazemi: The Political Blockage Must Be Resolved In Order To Build The State And Its Institutions


Policy    2022-10-06 | 04:34   Source:  Alsumaria news  102 views  Alsumaria News – Politics


The Caretaker Prime Minister, Mustafa Al-Kazemi, affirmed today, Thursday, that the political solution is to return to the dialogue and discussion table, put aside differences, and talk honestly and honestly to come up with realistic solutions that end this political crisis.



Al-Kazemi said in a statement received by Alsumaria News, “This government, despite the difficult political and economic conditions, and despite the absence of the budget, has steadfastly gone ahead in its vision and has overcome many obstacles, and it continues to do so tirelessly,” noting that “Iraq needs a government.” and to a balance, and it is unacceptable for her to be absent for so long.”


He added, “These conditions and this obstruction must be resolved and must end, for the sake of Iraq and the Iraqis, and for the sake of building the state and its institutions,” adding, “The crisis today is a crisis of confidence, and it can only be restored or repaired through frank and constructive dialogue.”


Al-Kazemi explained, “The solution is to return to the table of dialogue and discussion, put aside differences and speak in all honesty and integrity, to come up with realistic solutions that end this political crisis,” explaining, “We are destined to understand, cooperate, meet and engage in dialogue, we are the people of one country, and it is our national and moral responsibility to preserve it.” And on his abilities, and bear the full responsibility at this historical moment.


He continued, “I call on the brothers in the governorates, the governorate officials, to assume their national and moral responsibilities. They have the authority to address any defect in accordance with the legal contexts and the directions provided to them.”


He stated, “The world has changed and the concepts of political and economic relations have changed in favor of development and cooperation, and this is what we do when we look for partners and cooperate with them to develop our country, and to secure the needs of all our people.”


Al-Kadhimi continued, “Today, we are laying the foundation stone for the Iraqi-Jordanian electrical interconnection line project, to devote the project of cooperation and partnership, and positive interaction with our surroundings, in the service of our country and people. policy of openness and cooperation.


And he added, “We have previously worked on the electrical connection with Saudi Arabia and the Gulf states, and the agreement was signed at the Jeddah conference months ago and we worked on several clean energy projects with reputable international companies, to keep pace with the developments of the times and the challenges of the environment.”


Al-Kazemi pointed out that “Iraq today enjoys great confidence, weight and presence … and we are trying to invest this privacy, and this opportunity, in the service of Iraq and the Iraqis.”   LINK


Deputy for Sovereignty: Sadr’s popular opposition is more dangerous than politics


Policy   2022-10-05 | 14:12  Source:  Alsumaria news  3,394 views  On Wednesday, the representative of the Sovereignty Alliance, Adnan al-Juhaishi, considered the popular opposition to the leader of the Sadrist movement, Muqtada al-Sadr, to be more dangerous than the political opposition, stressing the absence of comments for the candidate of the coordination framework for prime minister, Muhammad Shiaa al-Sudani.


Al-Juhaishi said during his speech to the program “Bil-Makhtaz”, which is broadcast by Alsumaria satellite channel, that ” Muhammed Shiaa Al-Sudani  He is not far from the political arena,” he stressed, stressing that “he has proven his competence and professionalism, and he is a moderate and respectable man, and there are no comments on him.”


He added that “Mr. Al-Sadr is a strong political player in the Iraqi arena, and his audience is not to be underestimated,” noting that “he has a popular opposition, which is more dangerous than the political opposition.”


was a leader  Sadrist Movement Muqtada al-Sadr Yesterday, Tuesday, he stressed that the aspirations of the people are to form a government that is far from corruption.


Al-Sadr expressed in a tweet to him on Twitter, “His support for the words of the participants in the Security Council session show restraint, calling for self-restraint and not to resort to violence and weapons from all parties.”   LINK


Allawi’s Coalition After Plasschaert’s Briefing .. “Two Things That Must Be Noted”


Policy   2022-10-05 | 13:54   5,087 views  Today, Wednesday, the National Coalition, led by Iyad Allawi, confirmed the “correctness” of the briefing of the United Nations envoy to Iraq, Jenin Blackshart, on “corruption and political sectarianism”, while noting that there are “two things that must be addressed.”


The coalition said in a statement received by Alsumaria news He “confirms the correctness of what Plasschaert spoke about corruption and political sectarianism and the need for there to be a comprehensive national dialogue to overcome the crisis that we have always called for previously,” noting that this briefing “clearly diagnosed many of the problems and suffering of the Iraqi people, but there are two things that must be done.” Referring to them, the first is to indict all political leaders, and this generalization is not permissible.”


As for the second matter, according to the statement, “that briefing did not clearly refer to the blatant foreign interference in Iraqi affairs, especially the American and Iranian interference, as it forgot their joint agreement to stifle the democratic process in Iraq.”IraqIn 2010, the right of the Iraqi people to choose who would represent and lead them at that time was taken away.



The coalition reiterated, “it stands with all of the contents of that briefing, and we take this opportunity to prove our principled position once again regarding the subject of the national dialogue according to the principle that there is no winner or loser in which peaceful demonstrators, unions, and representatives of the displaced participate in preparation for the formation of a national government that will take upon itself the holding of free and fair elections.” With a new electoral commission and electoral law.    LINK


Kurdistan Commission..A New Judicial Decision Regarding The Phrase “Exclusive Authority”


2022-10-06 | 02:35  1,492 views  Alsumaria News – Localities  The Federal Supreme Court decided today, Thursday, to rule the unconstitutionality of the phrase “exclusive authority” stipulated in Article (Second / First) of the Law of the Independent High Commission for Elections and Referendum in the Kurdistan Region No. (4) of 2014.


The court stated in a statement received by Alsumaria news, that “the ruling came to violate the aforementioned phrase, the provisions of Articles (20 and 120) of the Constitution The Republic of Iraq [/url] of 2005 and its infringement of the independence of the Independent High Electoral Commission.


Earlier, the Federal Supreme Court ruled the unconstitutionality of the Electoral and Referendum Commission in the region Kurdistan.    LINK


Foreign Ministry: We Have Coordination With The Joint Operations And The Regional Government To Limit The Recurrence Of Bombing


Iraq   23:03 – 05-10-2022   Today, Wednesday, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced coordination with joint operations and the regional authorities to limit the recurrence of bombing, while noting that the bombing of Iraqi territory from neighboring countries will not end efforts to combat terrorism.


The ministry’s spokesman, Ahmed Al-Sahaf, said, “The Iraqi Foreign Ministry has taken a number of steps towards the Iranian bombing, including issuing a strong statement and condemning in the strongest terms the result of this provocative unilateral Iranian aggression that affected areas of the Kurdistan Region and left many martyrs and wounded.”


He added, “The Iranian ambassador to Baghdad was summoned and a strongly worded protest note was handed to him.”


He added that “there is coordination between the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Joint Operations Command and the Kurdistan Regional Authorities, to limit the recurrence of bombing operations on Iraqi territory,” explaining that “the continuation of the strikes constituted a serious qualitative shift that started with artillery shelling and passed through missile strikes and then ended with drones carrying explosive materials.”


He continued, “The Ministry of Foreign Affairs considered this bombing a dangerous shift that harms the principles of good neighborliness,” explaining that “the continuation of the bombing will not end efforts to combat terrorism in the region, but rather will increase security tension and cast a shadow at the level of Iraq and the region.”



Al-Hakim: Side Conflicts Will Not Bring Anything New Except To Disrupt And Harm The Interests Of Citizens


Iraq   13:07 – 10-5-2022   Today, Wednesday, the leader of the National Wisdom Movement, Ammar al-Hakim, called for a concession to Iraq and the supreme national interest, while stressing that side conflicts will not bring anything new except obstruction.


Al-Hakim said, in a statement, “developments in political affairs in Iraq, mechanisms for completing the constitutional benefits, forming a national service government, and ways to strengthen relations between Iraq and France, files that were the focus of discussion during our meeting with the French ambassador in Baghdad, His Excellency Eric Chevalier.”


He added: “We renewed our call to end the current political crisis through dialogue and compromise with Iraq and the supreme national interest, and indicated that side conflicts will not bring anything new except to disrupt and harm the interests of citizens.”


He stressed, “the importance of investing in the promising opportunities offered by Iraq in reconstruction,” noting “Iraq’s firm desire to open up to everyone in order to achieve its interests and preserve its sovereignty.”


And he continued: “We listened to France’s position, which respects the will of the Iraqis in choosing their representatives and stands at the same distance from everyone, as the ambassador expressed his admiration for the Iraqi national cohesion, which was manifested in the fortieth visit of Imam Hussein (peace be upon him).”


The Regional Government Approves A Draft Agricultural Law And A Draft Decision On The Reform Law


Political | 05:23 – 05/10/2022    Baghdad – Mawazine News   The Kurdistan Regional Council of Ministers approved, on Wednesday, a draft law to implement and amend the Federal Agricultural Quarantine Law.


And the regional government stated in a statement that Mawazine News received a copy of it, that “the Council of Ministers held its regular weekly meeting, headed by Prime Minister Masrour Barzani and in the presence of the Deputy Chairman of the Council, Qubad Talabani.”


And she added, “He reviewed, among the first paragraphs of his agenda, a draft law (implementing and amending the Federal Agricultural Quarantine Law No. 76 of 2012 amended in the Kurdistan region), which was presented by the Minister of Agriculture and Water Resources, Bekard Talabani, after which the Cabinet approved the draft law, as directed by The Minister of the Region for Parliamentary Affairs, Vala Farid, sent it to the Kurdistan Parliament with the aim of legislating it.


She indicated, “The draft law aims to regulate everything related to the acquisition, import and export of plants, their products and crops to prevent the entry and spread of agricultural diseases and epidemics in the Kurdistan Region, and by implementing the same measures, procedures and standards throughout Iraq, a high-level committee from the Ministry of Agriculture and Resources will undertake the implementation of the law. It includes representatives from the ministries of (higher education and scientific research, the interior, commerce and industry, finance and economy, and health), and the Environmental Protection and Improvement Authority.


And she added, “This law is an implementation of a federal law in the region, after its amendment and taking into account the peculiarities of the ministries and institutions of the region, in order to unify the procedures of agricultural quarantine in the region and Iraq, as well as to facilitate the work of the region’s traders, farmers and farmers, to ensure the safety and quality of raw materials and basic requirements imported specifically to the region.”


Agricultural projects from abroad, and ensuring that the operations of marketing the region’s local products to the central and southern governorates are not obstructed by the federal government, after the region’s institutions adopted the same procedures related to agricultural quarantine.


And she stressed, “In the second paragraph of the meeting, the head of the Coordination and Follow-up Department, Abdul Hakim Khosrow, presented a draft cabinet decision to implement Article (9) of the Reform Law, as part of the regional government’s steps to implement the reform law. After discussions and deliberations, the Council of Ministers approved a draft the decision”.


The Cabinet renewed, according to the statement, “its insistence on implementing the reform law, to reorganize public jobs and retirement in order to achieve justice in terms of public income, and to prevent waste and illegal use, provided that the rights of eligible citizens are preserved, and they are not deprived of their dues and salaries.”

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