In Dinar Guru Updates, Jeff

Article: “Parliament passes vacant bag candidates and succeeds in completing the Al-Kazemi government” They have completed the full formation of the government. But remember I told you there were two things needed which are the linchpin. Two not one. They have to finish their agreement with Kurdistan and they had to finish the last 7 ministers. The last 7 ministers is done.  Out of 2 you have 1 remaining.  Article “Next week a delegation will visit Baghdad to resolve the agreement on the oil file”. This is Kurdistan…you’re gonna have everything pretty much done within a week. They should have this done probably by the 10th…they’re on track to finish the two remaining items. They already got the government done. They could most likely have the second last remaining variable…done next week…that will allow them to probably change the rate during the second half of June…It looks like Iraq will go international as well during that second half of June.