In Jeff 

Everybody else was telling us that Mahdi would be removed and that the government would be dismantled.  Why aren’t you giving us any of those details? Great question. Thank you for asking. Here’s why. From the beginning, I have told you that the demonstrations would have no bearing on this investment. If anything the demonstrations have confirmed and proven everything that I’ve been telling you since the end of August…the demonstrations have had no bearing.

Remember the CBI and the GOI are completely autonomous.  So whatever happens with the GOI it has nothing to do with the CBI. The CBI controls the money. The GOI controls the government and they work with the people.  The only thing the CBI is seeking from the government is stability. Before they will agree to change the rate, they want the GOI to have a formed completed government…and they also need to have an approved 2020 budget because that’s where post rate change monies will come from for reconstruction, Article 140 and the HCL.