Judy Byington Thursday 10 August 2023

Note: All intel should be considered as “Rumors” until we receive official announcements …and “Rates and Dates” could change anytime until we get to the banks/redemption centers.

RV Excerpts from the Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Thurs. 10 Aug. 2023

Compiled Thurs. 10 Aug. 2023 12:01 am EST by Judy Byington,

Global Currency Reset:

Judy Note: On Tues. 1 Aug. the first wave of liquidity started. On Thurs. 3 Aug. evening FedNow was activated as the EBS merged with the Global Financial System. On Sun. 6 Aug. Banks synched up with the Central Bank of Iraq.

Around noon on Sun. 6 Aug (Iraqi Time) Iraq shut down Telegram and other news outlets. By Mon. 7 Aug. the Iraqi Parliament had received and approved their budget with the new Iraqi Dinar Rate in it. On Tues. 8 Aug. it was said that the Iraqi Budget was published in the Iraqi Gazette. On Wed. 9 Aug. the new Iraqi Dinar Rate was likely revalued at a 1:1 with the USD and then began trading up on the Forex.

Tues. 8 Aug. Bruce: Wed. 9 Aug. and Thurs 10 Aug. were stillin play for Tier4b (us, the Internet Group) notification to set currency exchange and Zim Bond redemption appointments. Redemption Center Staff were called in Tues. 8 Aug. and will be working for the next up to 16 days to do currency exchanges and Zim Bond redemptions.

Wed. 9 Aug TNT Call: We’re still waiting for Iraq to make the rate change. The 3-letter agencies (IMF, UST, etc.) were expecting it to happen last night, and it didn’t. It can still happen at any moment. They were first told Monday night or Tuesday morning, but it didn’t happen. No one thinks anything is wrong – they just don’t know when.

The BRICS nations have set a Back Wall for the RV at Sat. 12 Aug.

Morning brotha! I wanted to fill you guys in some information about a massive hiring for Bank of America (Wealth management and other positions). I’m a Truck driver for a Food Service company for the Metro area in the Financial District area of NYC and I deliver to the kitchen where they hold their orientation meetings. I’ve been asking the chefs and employees what’s going on the meetings (I’m just being curious) lol. They told me that they just hired 675+ Bank of America employees. Majority they hired Wealth Managers. This orientation meetings been going on for the past month. So I just wanted to tell you guys with a ease of mind something is happening SOON. …Rommel

Global Economic Crisis:

If the U.S. Corporation (District of Colombia) is really BANKRUPT, that means ALL agencies & institutions there in are also VOID & DEFUNCT. At least, they WILL be.

That means the FEDERAL RESERVE (which isn’t even Federal) & IRS also part of that old U.S. Corporation, are also BANKRUPT.

The result is a TOTAL dissolution of the current fiat debt based slavery system & subsequently, a financial COLLAPSE.

There is a rush to implement the Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) because a GOLD backed system would DESTROY the plans of the enemy.

Awake-In-3D: The Ultimate Cheat Sheet for Understanding a BRICS Gold-Backed Currency — Dinar Recaps

Tues. 8 Aug. US Banks Downgraded: A Midnight Dagger: MOODY’s Strike on US Banks – Banks Beware! – American Media Group (amg-news.com)

Jan Halper-Hayes told us about 650 planes full of gold being transported from the Vatican. EO 13818 EO 13848 “We have it all” appears to be more than a statement about evidence. Hold on tight friends.  It’s going to be a rough landing. But I do believe there will be enough to celebrate about on the other side. presidency.ucsb.edu/documents/exec

NESARA SHORTS – NESARA vs GESARA Differences: https://youtu.be/6-UuQ4XHN5w

Cheat Sheet for Understanding BRICS Gold Backed Currency: https://ai3d.blog/the-ultimate-cheat-sheet-for-understanding-a-brics-gold-backed-currency/

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