Judy Byington

RV Excerpts from the Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Wed. 14 Sept. 2022

Compiled Wed. 14 Sept. 2022 12:01 am EST by Judy Byington

Judy Note:

A Black Swan Event was expected as the elite faced a Fri. 30 Sept. payment deadline for families that owned US Inc.

Global Currency Reset:

The new gold/asset-backed currencies of 207 nations have been trading on the Forex international market back screens since Sun. 28 Aug.

RV monies were said to be in Whales, Tier 3 and 4A accounts, though were not yet liquid.

Whales, Tier 3 and 4A have been under strict NDAs since at least Thurs. 1 Sept.

MarkZ: On Mon. morning 12 Sept. Bond payments were paying out in Europe. By Tues. 13 Sept. there were multiple reports that some in Tier 3 were getting paid.

Between Sun. 11 Sept and Thurs. 15 Sept. a Global financial system change was to occur.

On that Thurs. 15 Sept. all 209 countries’ new gold/ asset-backed currency rates would be on the Quantum Financial System and announced to the public.

A High Up Source felt that the GCR / RV could occur any time between now and mid Oct, unless a Trump arrest caused a delay to November.

Coach Jerry: “Be encouraged dear community, our time will come. If we could figure out the precise timing, then the evil opposition could also figure it out. And I have a sneaking suspicion that the Worldwide Alliance has designed this entire “movie” such that no one, outside the good military, is quite able to figure it out.”

Charlie Ward: “Under BRICS more than half of the world was already dealing in gold-backed currencies (over 4 billion people). That has taken control away from the Federal Reserve Dollar. So even if (the elite) did bring in their ‘Central Bank Digital Currency’ which was backed by Air, it must go up against something backed by gold and it would not last.”


Tues. 13 Sept. 2022 The Big Call, Bruce: Thebigcall.net 667-770-1866 pin123456#

Last week all US Banks declared bankruptcy and had orders to restructure under the Restored Republic by midnight Wed. 14 Sept.

On Sunday 11 Sept. Iraq brought out their new Iraqi Dinar Rate and on a Tier 1 level began using and exchanging it in Mainland Europe and the Middle and Far East.

At 5 pm Mon. 12 Sept. Redemption Schedules went out to all Redemption Centers, but they have yet to have access to the code that could open them.

Most Bond Holders still do not have access to 1% in their accounts, but should be notified that they could by Wed. or Thurs. 14, 15 Sept.

On or before noon EST 15 Sept, all 209 countries must have their gold/asset-backed currencies announced.

On Thurs. Sept. 15 NESARA/GESARA should be announced.


Calendar of Events:

Thurs. 15 Sept. possible GESARA/NESARA Announcement, Gold/asset-backed physical currency and digital USTN should be out to the public (with the fiat US Dollar pulled off the market within three months).

Thurs, Fri.15-16 Sept. President Vladimir Putin of Russia, President Xi Jinping of China and Prime Minister Narendra Modi of India will meet.

On Fri. 16 Sept a Major freight railroads could begin a strike by 115,000 Railroad Workers that would shut down railroads across the US and cost the economy more than $2 billion a day, disrupting deliveries of all kinds of goods and passenger traffic and drastically add to food, goods shortages.

Mon. 19 Sept. Queen Elizabeth Funeral – one of the biggest gatherings of world power brokers in recent world history.

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