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Restored Republic via a GCR as of May 11 2017

Compiled 12:32 am EST 11 May 2017 by Judy Byington

Judy #1 May 10: Full GCR/RV release tomorrow May 11.

A. May 10 Philip Tilton Conference Call: https://www.youtube.com/edit?o=U&vide…

1. We start the GCR today. There will be a full GCR release tomorrow May 11 2017.

2. There are 209 countries that have been told that if they are not ready they will work around them.

3. Everything is ready for release right now.

4. The Grandfather and soldiers are in Reno today for two reasons: to release the RV/GCR and to celebrate.


B. May 10 2017 TNT Call :

1. The banking community says they are looking to knock us out this week.

2. In Iraq we are looking at a meeting 15-19th, with information circulating that they want to get this wrapped up before Ramadan starts on the 26th.

3. Everything points to this happening still in May.

4. The liberation of Mosul is public, although the FULL liberation is yet to be publicly announced. That should be somewhere between the 15th and the 19th.

5. On the RV, some think we are still looking for the public release this week.

6. I still think it’s happening now, but if you want a timeframe, look at the meeting that happens before the 19th.

7. The banking community had information that today could/should have been the date.

8. There could be private exchanges taking place right now.

9. Iraq said a long time ago that their currency could support up to $16.

10. Some have received contract rates of $30.

11. If you want contract rates, go in as quickly as possible.

12. If you want higher (non-contract) rates, leverage your currency and wait for it to appreciate.

13, On Mon. everything was flowing, then yesterday all the information seemed to freeze up, but I think it’s slush rather than solid ice.

14. If anything comes up, I’ll send a tweet or update.

15. If you are not a member of the forum, I will put it in the update section, and you can access that by going to the website www.tntsuperfantastic.com, and click on the FORUM button.


C. May 10 2017 12:17 pm EDT Geopolitical Overview: “Compromised” – Geopolitical Overview – Wednesday – May 10, 2017

1. On Sept. 11 2001 at 8am EDT Tues. morning a missile was fired from a Blackwater helicopter and hit one of two twin towers called the World Trade Center.

2. This was done to both stop the first Global Currency Reset from occurring as well as start WW3 in the Middle East by bringing the US military into the fight.

3. Twenty minutes later, Israeli Mossad agents detonated a small nuclear device in the parking structure in one of the buildings, while floors above were also controlled detonated, and a cold fusion technology was used to vaporize nearly all of the crumbling concrete and steel.

4. The same thing was done to the second twin tower shortly after. As well as Building 7, that housed the FBI offices investigating Wall Street’s gross financial fraud, specifically falsified derivatives documentation. All pulverized into molecular dust in less than half a day.

5. And we went into war, and still are 16 years later.

6. Ironically, both iconic towers were built in 1970 to be destroyed for this exact time by the Dark Nobility of Eastern Europe, with both missiles graphically disguised as a planes said to be hijacked by “radical Islamists” from Saudi Arabia and Afghanistan.

7. The military, political, geopolitical and media cover up was extensive and very well planned many years in advance. The cover up still continues to this day.

8. On December 25, 2012–Christmas Day–the Federal Reserve Bank (money printer for the USA, Inc.) defaulted on their legal responsibilities. Sovereign bankruptcy 101.

9. The USA was a failed nation state. Biggest in human history. Affecting every country. Threatening world stability. The USA was too big to fail, and the US economy along with the US dollar far too important to just liquidate and create an immigration / emigration nightmare.

10. The largest US Treasury bond holders & USD debt holders were China, Russia. They demanded immediate compensation for their sovereign investments per international law.

11. That’s why back in the fall of 2012, even before the Federal Reserve went bankrupt, President Obama was forced to meet in Rancho Mirage, California with then new Chinese President Xi Jinping.

12. They agreed to the following opening sovereign bankruptcy work through terms:

a. Eliminate the fiat Federal Reserve US Dollar and replace it with a new gold backed USN, and agreeing to print new currency that represented this change (later released in April 2013 and is our current paper money).

b. Allow China and Russia to have full legal authority over all military operations and budgeting.

c. Agree to a management transition plan and timetable that replaces the old USA, Inc. corporate leadership with brand new, handpicked Republic of the United States of America leaders.