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Restored Republic via a GCR as of May 24 2017

Compiled 12:18 am EDT 24 May 2017 by Judy Byington

A. May 23 2017 The Big Call Bruce: Thebigcall.net

1. In Iraq we had confirmation including a news report on Fox yesterday, that the war with ISIS in Mosul is over.

2. A couple of days ago permits for fireworks and cars to be in celebration parades in every providence went out to 14,000 people. The parades are supposed to start tomorrow May 24 and go for about a week.

3. The lower denominations are out in ATM machines in all providences of Iraq (showing that the Dinar now has a true value).

4. The Iraqi citizen Qi cards are international and being paid out at a standard value.

5. Yesterday May 22 at 3 pm EDT there was a meeting of the UN security council about Iraq. It appears to have gone well.

6. We are supposed to have the GCR/RV out before Ramadan starts on Friday May 26.

7. Tier 1 – sovereign, Tier 2 – Elders, Tier 3 – groups wrapped up a couple of days ago. People have some money from these exchanges, but are not fully funded.

8. Around the same time Tier 4 exchanges begin the other Tier exchanges will be fully funded.

9. Every time there is a (12 to 24 hour) pauses they are auditing the tiers that have exchanged. The 104 Tier 2 banks are participating in the exchanges. Before that could happen the Tier 1 banks had to be audited. (They have to have enough money to handle the exchanges). That takes a while to get done, though was completed around 10 am EDT yesterday morning May 22.

10. Today May 23 the Zim and the Dinar were flashing on the banks screens (meaning they were trading and would solidify shortly).

11. Everything out West was complete.

12. The Elders have access to their accounts.

13. We should be able to start as Tier 4 shortly.

14. Several days ago certain parts of the world began their exchanges, but those people who exchanged did not have access to privately negotiated rates that us in Tier 4 will have.

B. May 23 2017 TNT Mangelo:

1. Great things have happened, which means we are very close.

2. My friend told me a group of whales exchanged their dinar on Sunday May 21. This was confirmed by a relative who leaked it out. (They were to keep it quiet.)

3. The relative has been told they are next. Let’s see what happens for us by Thursday May 25.

4. This is a slow roll out, though exchanges have been going on.


May 23 2017 Wingit Call Gerry Maguire, IKO, Art:https://t.co/L5qOd0qmsk

1. This was Gerry’s final call.
2. We are going to have the GCR, but anyone who says they know when it’s going down is blowing in the wind. We are close to the end. It could go any min, or it could be a wait.

3. This is not about Iraq – this is a world thing. Every country’s currency will be asset backed. A while back China and Russia announced their currencies would soon be asset backed and China is now a reserve currency of the IMF.

4. The silence on the GCR is deafening and because of that silence, we know it is close.


D. May 23 2017 10:38 pm EDT Larrabee, Tilton:Gary Larrabee – Philip Tilton: The Brokered Deal in Isreal is a Must

1. The brokered deal in Isreal is a must to release the PARIS CLIMATE ACCORD (nothing to do with exchanges).

2. The draining of the swamp is in full progress with secret hearings taking place. Senator Epstein gave highly condemning evidence against the Deep State.

3. As of 9 pm EDT May 23 things were still moving in the general direction of Tier 4 exchanges.

4. Wells Fargo contacted one of our contacts and offered $3.50 on Zim if he could provide quads – so they are still trying to prop up the bank against its own demise with these brokered table top meetings. The central bankers (Cabal) of the world are in a severe panic. Their world is about to fall down.

5. We are waiting for Trump to pull his Andrew Jackson shoes do the dance and bring out the new currency. We know that Mnuchin said he was honored to put his name on the US Notes that will come out sometime later this year.

6. Bottom line is the petrol dollar is dead. The meeting this week proved that the oil brokerages will not honor the US Petrol Dollar. The sales of oil will be sold to sovereigns. Even the IMF SDR is well hidden as the new petrol currency is not going to save the Kazars.

7. The New Deal is that Trump promised to pay 50% to repatriate the Chinese Gold Historical Bonds and pay the remainder within one year.


E. May 23 2017 10:04 am EDT Gary Larrabee: Gary Larrabee – Waited All Morning to Hear the Reason for Not Seeing the Release

1. “The Chinese held up release of funds for the IQD RV, and the Redemption of Historic bonds because the US would not honour and agreement to pay the Chinese for many Federal Reserve Notes (FRN boxes-amount unknown) which they (the Chinese) had repatriated back to the United States expecting the US would honour a previous agreement to pay them what was owed.”

2. The US Government obligation (under the Obama administration) was that they would pay the Chinese first, (prior to commencement of the currency exchange for the IQD, and also simultaneously funds to engage payment of all Historic Bonds). The agreement was continually being avoided at Presidential level to delay, and or avoid payment by the Obama administration.

3. “The election of President Trump changed all that with the Chinese President coming to the US recently and meeting with President Trump who agreed to honour the agreement to repatriate several (unknown) trillions of dollars, owed to the Chinese. The new terms are; a 20% down payment, and the remainder over a one year period. So the Chinese Government called out the US Government, stopped the release of funds until the current US President agreed to a new agreement. This agreement was recently inked and formalised. It is expected that everything will commence very soon.”


F. May 23 2017 9:08 am EDT Geopolitical Overview: “The Rub” – Geopolitical Overview – Monday – May 23, 2017


G. May 23 2017 11:34 am EDT Tank: “When You Least Expect It” – TANK – 5.23.17

Since the GCR is said to come when we least expect it:

• I least expect it in the day time today.

• I least expect that Zimbabwe reintroducing their currency is the only currency announcement that we need.

• I least expect that they’ve kept me up late every night for two years to slow me down knowing that it would always go in the day.

• I least expect them to finally include us in the process because they knew we’d get to the point of absolute failure and right before we united to take action they’d let it go.

• I least expect that Iraq announcing Mosul as being liberated was less of a military completion and was more about their currency being released as this was the tool keeping them in bondage.

• I least expected that Netanyahu would be forced to cooperate and the two state solution was announced in Israel by Trump today in typical covert fashion as he endorsed Palestine, Islam, and repeated three times that Bibi wanted peace, instead of Bibi because Bibi could not be trusted.

• I least expect this to be transparent at this point because Mercury has gone direct and everything has literally aligned with the stars.

• I least expect 1 trillion dollars in student loans being discharged is a sign that the fiat dollar has collapsed, we have a new gold backed currency and NESARA has arrived.

• I least expect to live happily ever after starting today.


H. May 23 2017 6:53 am EDT China implementation of Paris Agreement: China Ready to Address Issues to the Implementation of the Paris Agreement