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RV Excerpts from the Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Tues. 9 Aug. 2022


Compiled Tues. 9 Aug. 2022 by Judy Byington


Judy Note:


You won’t believe what is happening behind the curtains. Get ready for undeniable proof that will bring them to their knees and confirm what YOU always believed in. Get ready for THE TRUTH! Do not panic. We are prepared and assets are in place.


The US White Hat Alliance located in Cheyenne Mountain, has given direct orders to Agencies and Treasury Departments in all Red States to no longer do contracts with, pull money out of, bar and shut down banks run by BlackRock, Vanguard, Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan.


Restored Republic:


The White Hat Military Alliance operating out of Cheyenne Mountain, was rejecting the Great Reset through covert operations.


The US White Hat Alliance headquartered in Cheyenne Mountain, has given the green light and direct orders to agencies and Treasury Departments in all Red States to no longer do contracts with, pull money out of, bar and shut down banks run by BlackRock, Vanguard, Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan.


West Virginia began the Domino effect as Riley Moore, State Treasurer, publicly came out against the Reset Agenda.


Next week seven European countries were expected to block Vanguard-Rothschild-JP Morgan Banks.




Disinformation is Necessary…


Everything had to be this way to keep hidden identities of infiltrated White Hat Sleepers inside World Corporations including the Central Banking System.


There was a huge war inside the Pentagon and the Central Banking System, but not everything was as it seemed.


White Hats have taken control of the Central Banking Digital Currencies backed by gold.


The Central Banking System was infiltrated. One of the Rothschilds was flipped and created a chaos Scare Event inside the Central Banking infrastructure. This tactic broke the system into divisions, which created an idea to create a new system using Starlink.


Starlink was much more than Internet – it was a Military Particle Beam Weapon with the power to control the World Grid and connected to the new Quantum Financial System GESARA/ NESARA.


GESARA/NESARA was being implemented throughout the World in different countries and in different ways – not just in China’s and Russia’s new system.


This implementation of GESARA/NESARA was being done in different ways throughout the World. All would connect once Events were triggered at the End Game.


There was a difference between the old World Central Banking System and the new Digital Central Banking System. There was a reason why Musk was investing billions into Starlink that would connect World Currency and run the World Banks together on Starlink.


Everything you think you know about the Central Banking System will change. The same people are not in charge. With an ongoing war behind the scenes in the old Central Banking System, many are quitting.


You will know the Truth when you see the new system is backed by gold.


There was a reason banks across the world were closing and many Crypto-currencies and banks would not register with the new Q system in the CBDC (White Hats are in control).


Everything that we have been expecting of RV, GESARA/ NESARA to take down the old system, has happened, but not like we thought. Infiltration was the key. There were so many moves behind the scenes – a well placed plan.


Trust only Crypto-currency that was backed by gold – this gold was connected to the QFS.


Starlink has everything now and a crash was still coming. Many companies and organizations would go under across the world who did not register to the gold-backed system.


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