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RV Excerpt from the Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Thurs. 11 Aug. 2022

Compiled Thurs. 11 Aug. 2022 12:01 am EST by Judy Byington

Judy Note:

Meanwhile the White Hats were shutting down BlackRock and Vanguard Banks after having seized Vatican City, City of London, Washington DC, Federal Reserve and Central Banks.


Vatican City, City of London, Washington DC, Federal Reserve and Central Banks have all been seized and are under control of the White Hats. https://t.me/SpecialQForces/28295 https://t.me/SpecialQForces/28249


Global Currency Reset:


MarkZ: “A contact in Iraq said the goal was still the 15th or before.”


Judy Note: A High Up Source: Money was releasing from the Rodriquez Trust on Tuesday, 8/9, 8+9=17. Originally everything was to be liquid on Mon. 15 Aug, though word was that the “manifestation” has already started.


Bruce: Bond Holders to get notification Tues. 9 Aug. evening, with access to funds on Wed. 10 Aug. Tier4B could get notified Wed. afternoon 10 Aug. and set appointments for Thurs. 11 Aug.


Iraq had a new Dinar Rate that was trading in the international community, though it has not yet been made public.


We will have about 10 days to exchange or redeem our currencies and bonds (Zim) for the special rates. …White Hat Intel


The Real News for Wed. 10 Aug. 2022:


Japan’s ENTIRE government resigns! Power back to the People!  https://en.mehrnews.com/news/190054/Japan-s-government-resigns-in-its-entirety


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