Judy Byington RV Excerpts from the Restored Republic via a GCR Update

Note: All intel should be considered as “Rumors” until we receive official announcements …and “Rates and Dates” could change anytime until we get to the banks/redemption centers.


RV Excerpts from the Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Sat. 18 March 2023


Compiled Sat. 18 March 12:01 am EST by Judy Byington


Judy Note: We are in a Black Swan Global Economic Crisis Event due to failure of the Central Banking System. There were 173 Banks around the World that failed this week – and went unreported by the Mainstream Media.


Our Financial System has been functioning on fiat US Dollars since at least 2008. That’s when the Cabal had not only used up all of the US gold, but couldn’t even pay interest on the gold they borrowed from the Chinese Elders to set up the US financial system in the early 1900s.


Back in 2008 and in order to save the World from economic disaster, BRICS was formed to switch nations of the World to a more stable gold/ asset-backed system.


Global Currency Reset:


Mon. 20 March was the first day of Spring . According to Bruce, next Monday was also when Bond Holders would have access to their accounts and when ISO 20022 legislation would be enacted – that had a lot to do with not only Crypto, but all country’s currencies being fully digitally integrated with the QFS, plus before noon on Mon. 20 March Tier 4b (Us, the Internet Group) was expected to receive notification to set exchange/ redemption appointments.


Juan O Savin has said that NESARA/GESARA should be announced by or before Sat. April 1.


Fri. 17 March RV Update by Okie (not OkieOilMan) via Twitter: This RV of 166 countries is happening now. “The US Treasury received word that all systems are Green to Go. There are no more hold ups or delays. …We have been given permission to land and are now in a final approach with the airport and destination in sight and should be landing momentarily. We should have you at the gate in a very short time now. Rates are locked in at the banks and Forex. When activated, I will advise. There was not a posting time for the rate – any time now. I would like to thank you for flying the IQD Airlines and thank you for your patronage and patience in our delays experienced in the past.” https://dinaresgurus.blogspot.com/2023/03/rv-update-by-okie-via-twitter-17-march.html


Mon. Evening 13 March Two High Up Contacts: The new rates are locked in on Bank Screens; Tier 1 has already gone; Tier 2 is processing right now and Tier 4 (including Us, the Internet Group) will likely go within a couple of days.


Thurs. 16 March Bruce: ISO 20022 legislation will supposedly be enacted on Monday 20 – that had a lot to with not only Crypto, but nation’s of the World being fully digitally integrated with the QFS.  Bond Holders were scheduled to receive their Quantum Access Cards by Fedex on Sat. 18 March or Sun. 19 March and would have access to their accounts on Mon. 20 March, or Tues. 21 March. Before noon on Mon. 20 March Tier 4b should receive our exchange appointments. Juan O Savin has said that NESARA/GESARA should be announced by or before Sat. April 1.


Thurs. 16 March MarkZ: “Most of the chatter out of Iraq is looking at this weekend… Most of my sources are still looking at the 20th. It would be poetic for it to happen on that date. I’m pretty sure Kuwait went on March 22nd.”


Tues. 14 March Rod Steel: Iraqi Dinar is International IN COUNTRY-in other words Iraqis can use their Dinar internationally.


As of Friday 10 March, banking systems have been able to use the new Unified Payment Interface (UPI) on the QFS for foreign currency swaps. https://dinarrecaps.com/our-blog/goldilocks-prepare-yourselves-for-the-old-guard-to-fall-3-11-2023


163 Rothschild Banks in controlled collapse, including the US Federal Reserve:


Since Fri. 10 March the unrealized losses of US Banks that have failed – including the now officially bankrupt mega big Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) – was over two trillion dollars, meaning that two hundred more US banks would fail if people asked to withdraw their money. Two of the three big banks that failed last week were the main source of Crypto Currency. Now Credit Suisse– a “Too Big To Fail” Cabal Bank in Switzerland – was collapsing.


On Fri. 17 March a big fire broke out in the center of English Loughborough: the building of HSBC bank, which recently bought the British division of the bankrupt Silicon Valley Bank.


‘Too Big To Fail’ European Bank on Brink of Collapse: A Bank in Europe is Literally on the Brink of Collapse | Dinar Chronicles


Silicon Valley Bank has officially filed for bankruptcy.


Bank Stocks Price Crash: (First Republic Bank, Western Alliance & More) https://beforeitsnews.com/economy/2023/03/bank-stocks-price-crash-live-news-coverage-first-republic-bank-western-alliance-more-3080571.html Several bank stocks are crashing this morning, including First Republic Bank, Western Alliance, and more, in the aftermath of the Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank closings.


Silicon Valley Bank when under, Israel made a big profit and New Hampshire is the biggest fentanyl cartel in the states, just listen to Brendon O’Connell. At 45 minutes they bring up two former New Hampshire Attorney General’s, Michael Delaney and Joseph Foster, who were involved as front men and let things go for the drug running involving SVB as they were directors of Boston Private Bank & Trust Company. Thus BPB&TC is a ‘Foreign Profit Corporation’ and their agent’s name is ‘C T Corporation System’ a multi-billion dollar private equity fund that shares an office with someone else in a warehouse. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X-BBQ9gHoFQ


163 Rothschild Banks in controlled collapse, including the US Federal Reserve:


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