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RV Excerpts from the Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Sat. 30 July 2022

Compiled Sat. 30 July 2022 12:01 am EST by Judy Byington

Global Currency Reset:

On Wed. 20 July Russia and China officially announced the new global gold-backed currency.

On Fri. 22 July representatives of the Chinese Elders signed RV release documents at the US Treasury in Reno.

All 209 countries of the Global Currency Reset have been gold/asset-backed and would be in the basket together to revalue.

On Mon. 25 July GESARA/NESARA was said to have officially begun.

On Wed. 27 July Charlie Ward: “All of our historical Asset submissions have come to a hard stop. The Contract for German Bonds and Golden Assets were being released to Sellers, which started Historical Assets being redeemed. The Elders have signed a Gold Contract and now all 200 plus countries are gold-backed. That ends the Federal Reserve.”

On Sat. 30 July the new rate of the Iraqi Dinar was set to be announced in their Gazette.

On Sat. 30 July or Mon. 1 Aug Bond Holders and Tier 4 Internet Group were expected to receive notification for exchange/redemption appointments with full liquidity.


White Hat Intel:

All Governments in the world were being removed by the Military.

Everything Connects: The Event; Dams; Global Stock Market Collapse via precision Cyber Attacks, think Executive Order 1221.

Once Governments are removed, Federal & State Etc, we will be electing people to  governments that are 10% the size of what they are currently.

There will never be two Party Preferred Politics ever again. No more Democrats, No More Republicans, No More Liberal, No More Labor.

Everyone will be using certain coins, getting Digital Wallets and U.B.I

This was all a product of the reversal of the 1871 Act of England (everything 1871 onward was illegal – null and void). 1776 Common Law for ALL.

If a person elected in a government does not work for the People they will be removed by the Military. They will only be 20 to 25 People sized.

China is also going to a Republican Government.

Massive arrests worldwide for crimes against humanity.

Nesara/Gesara Activation with added Quantum Technology.

The Stock Market Collapse would happen under Biden will be Precision Cyber – which  is a product of Executive Order 1221.


Fox News Ingraham: The state of West Virginia has just deemed five financial institutions ineligible for state banking contracts. You want to know what courage looks like? It’s standing up to BlackRock, Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, Morgan Stanley and Wells Fargo. West Virginia Treasury Secretary: “This is just a first step, similar legislation has also passed in Kentucky, Oklahoma, Tennessee and Texas.”

Following Sri Lanka, Panama becomes next nation to collapse amid global recessionary pressures and unrelenting inflation: https://www.naturalnews.com/2022-07-28-panama-next-nation-to-collapse-global-recessionary-pressures-inflation.html

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