Article: “Keywords: our agreement with the United States aims to prevent the financing of terrorism, money laundering and delete deferred zeros”  Quote:  “…the bank will start applying the certified standards internationally in this regard the beginning of December next, with the exception that the process of removing zeros from the local process requires the availability of appropriate conditions, including the general stability in the country, he pointed out that the bank continues to technical preparations in this regard.”

The CBI is stating, were not ready to delete the zeros yet, but we are moving the banking system forward to engage with the global banking system.

Does anyone see the importance of this?

It is another clear sign that the CBI has no intention to LOP the dinar.

If they did, they would certainly do it prior to bringing the world’s financial system into play.

Stating it as they do, IMO only confirms that they intent to raise the value of the dinar as we have stated for years.