It’s not “my” float scenario, its the truth as documented by the IMF and other experts…

Those who are technical and want to learn, see this information and realize how monetary policy works…

It’s not some magical event… lol…

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CBI website has a new look!”

This is a good sign.

I know it’s easy to just assume they are remodeling there website…but I think it’s much more.

With all the speculation that the banking system must open … Read More


[Kaperoni adds his insight to the ongoing Mike and Enorrste debate about the dinar]

[Does it really matter to you that the dinar is a “hard currency” or when it becomes one? It does not have to be for Read More


Article: “The central bank prepares banks and transfer 25 million per month

Sounds to me like they are at a point where the banking system is doing a good job monitoring transactions so they are preparing to liberalize … Read More


Article: “Investment Authority: The current year will see the implementation of a thousand projects in 10 productive sectors ”

Pretty grand expectations…they better get to work.… Read More


Article: “Vice: Central procedures put assessments of the banks will achieve the benefits of

Quote: “…the central bank measures in the development of assessments for banks represent a positive step and give multiple benefits, noting that the Read More


Article: “Planning for “Economy News”: the private sector will have an active role in the next five-year plan

Quote: “Announced that the Ministry of Planning, Sunday, that the sector private will have the role of an actor Read More


Article: “Experts affirm: central bank measures behind the decline in money laundering

[Isn’t this an important article? Does it say that the rate could be as low as 1200 IQD to $1.00?]

Interesting statement for sure … Read More


The important thing to realize…is that currency (in this case the dinar) is directly related to the success or growth of the economy.

There are no overnight events…

The IMF has made it very clear that the path for the … Read More