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Walkingstick:  Parliamentary Finance: Presidency of the Republic to ratify the 2016 budget during the next few days

BAGHDAD / Baghdadi News / .. announced the parliamentary finance committee member Masood Haider, Thursday, that the general budget for the 2016 law voted by parliament in its session yesterday, the President of the Republic will be approved in the next few days.

Haidar said to the reporter / Baghdadi News /, “The Presidency of the Republic to ratify the general budget for the 2016 law during the next few days, while ruled that the law remains without authentication President of the Republic until the end of the 15 day period prescribed by the Constitution.”

“The right of some of the blocks that have objections to the budget bill after voting attic recourse to the Federal Court,” describing “those objections political bidding.”

It is said that the Council of Representatives voted 45 Minutes, which held on Wednesday on the state budget for the year ended 2016. Law 21 / g

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Walkingstick:  World Bank agrees to give Iraq a billion and two hundred million dollars as a loan


Khandan – The World Bank announced, he had agreed to give Iraq a loan of one billion and two hundred million dollars to help Baghdad in controlling the situation of public finances and improve the efficiency of the energy sector and to compensate the decline in oil prices and rising security costs.

The World Bank said in a statement that Taking “pays tribute to the initiation of the Iraqi government in the implementation of a strict economic reform program,”declares the “approval of the financing for development policies aimed at fiscal consolidation, and providing sustainable energy project, and enhance the transparency of institutions owned by the state.”

He added that “this process in line with the Iraqi government’s plan for economic recovery for the period between 2015-2018, and committed by Iraq to implement reforms that will achieve further economic integrated development, and improve the efficiency of the delivery of basic services to the citizens, and to take the actions necessary to
install the means of social protection.”

It pointed out that the loan will be used for reforms in three areas, namely “the reform of the public sector wage system” and “the reduction of gas flaring operations, and expansion of electricity generation activities through the use of gas, and reduce spending on energy subsidies” and “support transparency in the financial institutions and non-financial state-owned. “


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