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JamJam1280:  Hey frankie I have a question, if iraq borrows 1.4 billion from w b. At a rate of 1182, when they convert that loan to dinar they end up with 1.654 trillion dinars. Then if they change the rate say 1 to 1. They only pay back 1.4 billion usd. A profit of 1.653 trillion. Just a thought between me and my bro in law j irrera

Frank26:  But of course ……….. DELTA and I have covered this in the past Friend.
It is quicksand that Iraq must sidestep.

Yet they painted THEMSELVES into a corner with so much procrastination and laziness by creating what we Taught and Called as a LL ………. A LONG LINE.

This LL has become as we Taught ……….. An Expensive CREDIT CARD for Iraq.
Hilary KNEW what she meant when she said “if you haven’t invested in Iraq ……. It’s too late now.”

She did NOT mean dinars ……….. She meant beyond EO 13303 ………… She meant …….. THE LL !!!

Get in it ……….. IF YOU KNOW HOW ……….. And wait because Iraq will eventually have to ………. PAY UP !!!


Because We/12/USA/IMF ………. Big Foot for all I care …………. Will make sure they do.
The ghostly images that we see clearly now and then on the MR (Monetary Reform)  are profound.

The evidence is there as it forms before us.

Finally ………. The problem with Your mathematics is that You can not apply this on such a large scale

The Good thing about this is that ……………. Iraq and USA can and ………… Are.

KTFA   Frank


Dnari131:      2 for 2 Saturday haha

Friday, December 25, 2015 19:32

Dhi Qar protesters carrying al-Maliki responsible for the destruction of Iraq and demanding the sacking Mahmood

Dhi Qar / Baghdadi News / .. carrying protesters Dhi Qar, on Friday, the former head of the Council of Minister Nuri al-Maliki responsible for the destruction of Iraq and demanded a trial Medhat al-Mahmoud.

A reporter / Baghdadi News /, that “hundreds of citizens of Dhi Qar out mass demonstrations near Habboubi Square in central Nasiriyah in which they demanded the trial of Nuri al-Maliki for causing the destruction of Iraq and the fall of large areas of territory, however Daash”.

“The demonstrators also demanded the sacking Medhat al-Mahmoud and directed by the judicial authority of Altzeyss,” he continued, “the demonstrators also raised banners entitled (Save Ahuarna).” Ended 21 h

http://albaghdadianews.com/politics/ite … LGLND.html


Dnari131:   Rafidain Bank: We are committed to international standards on the subject of money laundering

Saturday, 26 December 2015

Shafaq News / Rafidain Bank said on Saturday that the issue of money laundering approved the criteria set by global institutions.

“The global institutions and the central banks on track in both countries reported the instructions of banks operating in it in accordance with the rule know your customer and fill a particular form to identify the sources of money of a person before starting a banking activity and the nature of his situation and potential and activity which he is doing.The general director of the bank , Basem Kamal al-Hassani said in a statement received by Shafaq News .

The statement added that when there are revenues , they must be confirmed according to fixed criteria to be adopted by everyone while in Iraq, it is of the countries that rely on direct cash deal in light of the lack of comprehensive technical for all institutions , civil and governmental and specialized banks.

Al-Husseini added that citizens rely on Rafidain Bank in depositing their money because it did not witness any position that the bank had made a breach to its obligations and its agreements towards them.

http://english.shafaaq.com/business/171 … ering.html