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Zerb:  TY WS! In a matter of weeks this is what I Picture in my mind… if I were an Iraqi citizen who withdrew all their money cause i was scared and has it at home is to slowly go back to the bank (now i know it is safe and insured) and deposit the USD’s HD’s for the LD’s…hopefully open an account or already have one there which might connect to my new zain smart phone??? DrA and my supreme holy man Sistani just told me it was safe now and to trust the banks. Its all over the big screens and mosques…(see article below)


Walkingstick:  Lack of liquidity in the Iraqi banks reached 74 billion dinars

BAGHDAD / JD / .. caused a drop in oil prices in the lack of liquidity in the Iraqi listed banks trimmed their gains College before tax increased by 44 percent to 74 billion dinars ($ 68 million) in the third quarter compared to the same period of the previous year, according to the company spring to mediate in the sale and purchase of securities in Baghdad.

The company said in a statement to Reuters, seen by / KD / The linked Daash turmoil reduced the banks’ deposits increased by 14 percent in the first nine months of 2015 to 6.54 trillion dinars (5.97 billion dollars).

The report, which carries 29 December revenue unaudited twenty-two banks listed on the Iraq Stock Exchange.

The report stated that revenue and profit growth in the Iraqi banking sector adversely affected by the deterioration of oil prices, which led to a shortage of liquidity.

He added that because of the dangerous security situation and lack of liquidity clients wanted to withdraw their deposits .

Oil prices fell by more than half during the last eight ten month to less than $ 40 a barrel to the detriment of the budget of the Iraqi government, which relies on crude sales in 95 percent of its revenue. / end / 22 /



Walkingstick:  It lost about 90% of its infrastructure .. including more than 80 bridges

Japanese and Korean companies adopt «Marshall Plan» Anbar .. and plans to maintain an international reconstruction conference

Baghdad Jamil al-Rubaie

After Collapse important page in the liberation of al-Anbar province process, the completion of the position, move the political debate into a new phase, related to the reconstruction of the liberated areas, particularly the city of Ramadi.

He says holiday Ammash Karbouli, a spokesman for the Council of Anbar province, said that “battles gray cleansing is still going on, after he has control of the government complex downtown.

“He continued Karbouli, in an interview for” the world “on Tuesday, said that” there is a revival in Ramadi, are still under the control of Daash has not been secured yet, “adding that” the security forces and the difference Engineering work on mine clearance and explosive and concentration and then gradually starting to edit the rest of the neighborhoods.

“He added Karbouli, that” after the completion of secure areas and raise the rubble, will be re-infrastructure such as water, electricity, municipal, educational and health services, “noting that” work is continuing with organizations international and foreign companies operating on credit Arab and regional countries for the purpose of reconstruction of Ramadi and Anbar province after the completion of editing. ”

revealed Karbouli, said that “several companies from Korea, China and Japan made ​​to work on the reconstruction of the province and received payments after five years,” noting that “this action is best to speed up the re-life of the province in light of the development of the budget and the economic situation.

“In the opinion Karbouli, that” Anbar and other provinces, dominated by the Daash has been completely destroyed, “noting that Iraq needs a” Marshall Plan “for the reconstruction of those provinces after the completion of the edit.

He Karbouli, that “the size of the destruction of the very large Ramadi, where he was about 90 percent of the buildings and the role of the devastation caused by the military operations carried out by the joint forces and aviation international coalition against al Daash terrorist,” adding that “the infrastructure has been completely destroyed, and that bring life to the city will take a long time.

“He pointed Karbouli, that” up to 85 bridges in Anbar devastating “, adding that” with the economic conditions faced by the country at present and rely on continuing to fall in oil prices, may need tens of years to bring back life to the the province.

“Among Karbouli, that” ordered the prime minister to form a headquarters dominant of the province, which includes representatives of 20 ministries in Amiriyat al-Fallujah, headed by the governor of Anbar to restore basic services and the allocation of funds for this purpose, will accelerate to overcome the red tape and work directly between those ministries, “noting that” the Governor an empowered prime minister and for the purpose of facilitating measures Reconstruction province and speed re-displaced persons.

“and the expected period for the return of displaced people to their homes, Karbouli that the expected time probably” take months “, denying some talk and perceptions that the return Folks need to days.

The newspaper” Die Zeit “German “Foreign Minister” Frank-Walter Steinmeier, “promised that his government will contribute to the reconstruction of the city of” gray “that were recovered by the Iraqi army.

He noted Steinmeier, as he has done to support the principles of Iraq the equivalent of 20 million euros, in the Prime Minister’s visit Abadi to Berlin for three weeks.

In turn Saad al-Sabri, a spokesman for the prime minister’s office, said that “there are efforts government for the reconstruction of the liberated areas and work to restore the displaced to their areas,” he said.

He said Sabri, in a statement to “the world” on Tuesday, “it was set up reconstruction fund for the liberated areas , it has been monitoring the staff available and available to him and allocations by the government, “adding that” there are external efforts of the international community in establishing an international fund for displaced people to the donor countries contribute to strengthen Iraq’s financial capabilities. ”

and the newborn, to “restore stability to the liberated areas can only be achieved after the re displaced people, “stressing that” their return will not take place until after the rehabilitation of infrastructure and services to those areas.

“He pointed newborn, that” liberated provincial councils have the powers and vision in the reconstruction of areas affected by the military operations and the right of the sabotage at the hands of Daash “.

and the newborn, “it was the allocation of funds within the budget of 2016 to the provinces and to the reconstruction of the liberated areas Fund,” pointing out that “those amounts to Atsd need liberated provinces, the government is seeking through the ongoing dialogue to aid from some countries of the United Nations and the channels.”

The search and Minister of the Interior Mohammed Ghabban, on Tuesday, with the governor of Anbar Suhaib al-Rawi subject of rehabilitation and infrastructure of the Ministry of Interior in the Anbar police stations.

The Interior Ministry said in a statement received, “the world” a copy of it, “The two sides discussed a number of issues, including maintenance of the security file and the land liberated by Emergency forces chock regiments in Anbar police headquarters and the issue of the rehabilitation of the infrastructure of the Ministry of Interior in the Anbar police stations. ”

For his part, said Ghanem Aifan, a member of the crisis cell in Anbar province, he said that “the provincial council seeks to restore infrastructure and rehabilitation of areas.”

He revealed Aifan, in an interview with “the world” on Tuesday, said that “the provincial council plans to hold an international conference for the reconstruction of Anbar,” attributing the cause to “the government deficit and the inability on the rehabilitation of the affected areas as a result of the deterioration of the economic situation of the collapsed of the country and large damage to the governorate.”

He pointed Aifan, to “The conservative adviser during his visit to Germany, held several meetings to provide support to the province and its reconstruction,” adding that “there visits and meetings with representatives of Spain and the United States of America.”

Among Aifan, that “re-displaced people to their areas linked to the effort engineering and clearance of mines and improvised explosive Daash planted in most areas and roads, “explaining that” gray editing process is not yet complete, and still Khalidiya Island area under the control of Daash “. He called al-Hakim, head of the Supreme Islamic Iraqi Council, in a statement seen by “the world” on Tuesday,

“to speed the reconstruction of residential areas after cemented the security situation there, and hold the ground, as a prelude to re-displaced from the sons of Ramadi, and an end to their suffering and Mkadathm, to start cycle Life on a sound footing, and return the people of Ramadi to exercise their role in building Iraq’s Aziz healthy. ”

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