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Pianist Pam:   My question……. Always heard dr shabibbi wanted a long weekend. We were hopeful with this one. It’s Sunday there now. Do we need to forget about this time?   Pianist Pam
Frank26:  Friend ………….. Let go of the need for a Date.
Be it Windows or Time Frames Gained or Lost …………. The Fact that The MR LAVA FLOW is aggressively Flowing is my comfort.
Said I that TEAMS have MORE to SHARE.

Our STUDY is Different ……… Such as we are in S. A. right now ……….. Looking.
Come see us on Your MONDAY CC.
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Walkingstick:  Parliamentary Energy: oil and gas law will reach parliament this month
Written by AH Date: 01/03/2016 14:30
Baghdad – INA / A member of the Commission on oil and energy parliamentary, beauty Panthers, Sunday, continuing disagreements political blocs legislation on oil and gas law, expected arrival at the Parliament of the government during the month.
Joker and said the “Iraqi news agency”, that “all outstanding problems between the Kurdistan Alliance and other alliances have been resolved once and for all, but the oil and gas law, which is still pending until the moment.”
He added that “there is substantial negotiations are in full swing in order to resolve the enactment of the law after receiving the Council of Ministers during this month.”
He pointed out that “the enactment of the law will ensure the right of the provinces producing oil and gas in the coming budgets without entering discussions and speculations on the legislation.”
http://www.iraqnewsagency.com/%D8%A7%D9 … %B3%D9%8A/
Late Saturday Night:
elmerf123456 :  Iran’s petrochemical sanctions fully removedhttp://en.trend.az/iran/business/2476350.html Keeps getting better and better.
Natok:  Elmer earlier on Om: first off I’ve been sitting on this info for a while, I have very close personal friend that owns a tier 3 bank and he contacted me and told me that they have set 5,200 appointments for Monday for people to come in and exchange. Also because it’s a tier 3 they don’t have the rules that they can’t personally hold and purchase currency themselves, so the employees also are holders.
Natok:  Part 2: Someone asked Elmer if he had got on that list to exchange and he said his friend said no because it looks like all banks are goin. The guy has 5,200 appts between 3 different locations.
Elmerf123456 : Just to set the record straight. This is not a personal friend of mine. This is something one of my dinar Buddies told me. It’s her close friend who is close with the Banker. I did personally speak with the friend who verified this story to me!
Elmerf123456:   Also folks what’s not being said is a big part of those folks I’m told are part of a PP Group and those are being handled by affiliates. I’m the messenger and the call was indeed convincing.
Iko Ward: Please be aware Forex is closed until tomorrow evening at 5PM EST. We usually don’t get any info until 8 or 8:30 PM.
SassyD:  National Reconciliation Conference determines the frameworks implement​ed.. 01/02/2016 23:44 — Three presidencies form a higher committee to​ pave the way for reconciliation post (Daash) does not exclude opponen​ts of the political process —
http://translate.googleusercontent.com/translate_c?depth=1&hl=en&rurl= ​ translate.google.com&sl=auto&tl=en&u=http://www.faceiraq.com/inews.php ​%3Fid%3D4483158&usg=ALkJrhhKHyaEKwhzqnmovvRsKeR_uiygyg
Sheila:  Iraqi peg to a basket of foreign currencies in order to stabilize the exchange rate of the dinar.
17. The announcement of the investment opportunities for the privatization of the Rasheed Bank and Rafidain Bank.
18. The announcement of the investment opportunities to reduce gas flaring in oil wells and turning it into fuel.
Frank26 wrote:From sky.
Fuel for Budget……….. Coming…… Inside of 1st qt 2016.
KTFA Frank

This is such a great article and then the statements Frank has been saying is one of those WOW moments.
Thank you for posting Walkingstick and the intel Frank writes about certain articles is awesome
Walkingstick:  :Mazen Aciqr, *: economic solutions in light of the bankruptcy of the state because of the low price of oil
PUBLISHED IN 01/01/2016
At the beginning of this year it approved the 2015 budget and the joy of the high-speed for approval was based on the sale of oil at a price of $ 56 a barrel. And soon we discovered that this fictitious price and the rate of sale of oil during the year was about $ 45, and this as we know that Iraq is paid about $ 22 per barrel between the cost of extraction and the cost of transportation and the cost of marketing expenses and international companies as oil licensing round!
The Ministry of Finance back to the same Kti where he wrote the 2016 budget law on the basis of $ 45 a barrel, and did not approve the budget so far and we have discovered, and after the OPEC meeting which set crude oil sales ceiling globally to 31.5 million barrels per day, without reduce it to increase the price of a barrel. This decision reflected negatively on the trading price of a barrel in the Brent market, which fell to $ 37 and the West Texas market to about $ 38. After Iran, Libya and return America to increase prefacing crude oil price will fall to the twenties!
We have stated and continue to say that oil prices will continue to decline until it reaches about $ 20 a barrel and will not recover its price until 2020. So the officials in the Ministry of Finance to draw all the budgets of Iraq for the next five years at this price and financial decision-making realism to curb binge state jobs useless and the coefficient parked companies losing in addition to the serious and rapid effort to recover the $ 312 billion that disappeared from the budgets of the past eight years the government.
We can not manage this state a contemporary manner and integrate ourselves into the global economy unless we build the economic foundations of a solid, depending on the collection of taxes from employees and companies civil and reduction of our dependence on oil wealth and replace it by relying on human capital, creativity and perseverance of the Iraqi people, namely:
1. retrieve the money that disappeared during the eight years ($ 312 billion) and the prosecution of those involved Bakhvtaiha.
2. re-negotiations with international oil companies and turn them into partnership contracts.
3. oil and gas belongs to the people considered in accordance with Article 111 of the Constitution.

4. impose income tax on the revenues of the Iraqi people by 25%.

5. deposit of oil imports account Profile for citizens after the deduction of income tax.

6. Cancel ration and replace social welfare network.
7. Iraqi peg to a basket of foreign currencies in order to stabilize the exchange rate of the dinar.

8. privatization of the electric power sector to provide fully.
9. reduce the number of state employees to less than a million as the global proportion of between 1% and 2% of the population.
10. convert all provinces to the decentralized system of administrative and economic.
11. direct the sale, lease, participation or close all loss-making state-owned companies.
12. The announcement of the auction for the private sector to invest to build the great port of Basra.
13. The announcement of the auction of the global aviation companies for the purchase of Iraqi Airways.
14. The announcement of the auction of the investment companies to apply for building the canal dry land.
15. The announcement of the auction for telecom companies to buy a fourth mobile license.
16. The announcement of the auction for companies to build tourist resorts in Habbaniyah and blather and Razzazah.
17. The announcement of the investment opportunities for the privatization of the Rasheed Bank and Rafidain Bank.

18. The announcement of the investment opportunities to reduce gas flaring in oil wells and turning it into fuel.

19. create a major agricultural companies to convert to modern agriculture, modern roads and high productivity.
20. the establishment of an independent body for the Council of reconstruction for the development of economy, investment and housing.
Every economic solutions proposed by the government and offered so far is not considered serious because it lacks a long-term strategy for Iraq, he graduated from the Central Administrative solving and the almost total control of the government on all economic walks of life and near-total dependence on oil wealth and the marginalization of the role of the private sector.
(*) Secretary General of the success of the Center for Development and development – a former economist as prime minister
All materials published on the web site of Iraqi economists necessarily do not reflect the opinion of the Editorial Board, but the opinion of the author, which bears the legal responsibility and informed consent
http://translate.google.com/translate?s … edit-text=