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Blinkster:  Looking back to Kuwait, yes there were many lessons learned. However, one thing that has not changed are the distractions/diversions to keep us guessing in this shell game AND their attitude towards the West.

Kuwait I mention because they came out right before they RV’d and said, “well yes we are going to revalue our currency, but it’s still a few months away…” (I think they said 3-6 months), and wouldn’t ya know it, those coy Middle Easterners, right after making that statement in the press, BAM, they did it…in a matter of not months or weeks, but days.

Perhaps the press is now in our favor regarding the MR of the IQD; but having said that, and yes I’m just a bystander here, my gut feeling is that it isn’t going to be long before we hear a certain lady sing, so to speak.

I value iTeams, Franks, and Delta’s (and his team’s) opinions…. IMHO, the Iraqis hate the fact that we hold their currency and will benefit from it… I see them thumbing their nose and doing this sooner than later, catching us completely flat-footed if they can; and they likely will. IMO and all that.

Either way it’s a winning situation for us, but for them, it behooves them to do this sooner than later. Remember Frank’s analogy about them running red lights so to speak, with the pedal to the floor. Hehehehe


Aggiedad77:  Good Morning Family, I believe you heard Frank speaking of this very problem or issue last night….the collapse of the reserves if the Iraqis don’t do something pro-active soon…..within the next few months, their cash reserves which stand at or just below $60 billion dollars will be impacted greatly as they continue to be siphoned lower and lower…..they need to stop the leak in the dike……may they see the light…..the green light about to turn yellow and speed the process….pedal to the metal time.

Walkingstick:  The future of the Iraqi dinar is subject between government corruption and the return of oil prices to their previous levels

Al-Fayhaa TV | Al Fayhaa TV

Published on Oct 19, 2015

Accused the former Minister of Communications Mohammed Tawfiq Allawi those responsible for the economic file to make decisions leading to the collapse of the country’s economy likely to witness next year a significant reduction in the cash reserve for Iraq with the impossibility of the return of oil prices to their previous levels. Report / Ahmed al-Abadi