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Clare:  Iraqi Chambers of Commerce and the Japanese JICA discuss developing the private sector


9/21/2023   Baghdad –


The Federation of Iraqi Chambers of Commerce and the Japanese organization JICA discussed, today, Thursday, the development of the private sector for entrepreneurship.


The Federation stated in a statement received by the Iraqi News Agency (INA), that “the Federation of Iraqi Chambers of Commerce and the Japanese JICA organization discussed a joint work agreement aimed at developing the Iraqi private sector and upgrading all its aspects.


The Federation of Iraqi Chambers of Commerce was represented by the advisor to the President of the Federation, Sabah al-Baghdadi, and the advisor International organizations Ahmed Al-Yasiri, Falah Al-Jubouri and Anmar Iyad Malouki in the Union, and in return, the Japanese JICA organization was represented by the Development Programs Officer, Lujain Al-Bayati, the Program Preparation Advisor, and Masashi Nishikawa.”.


He added, “The meeting focused on the importance of benefiting from the Japanese experience in managing the private sector of Japan’s economy, as the experience in Iraq can be benefited from, and it addressed the reality of developing the private sector for entrepreneurship and the mechanism of linking it with Japanese companies to exchange expertise and practical experiences and develop the capabilities and skills of companies in all regions.”.


He continued, “The Union submitted an invitation to the organization to attend the introductory symposium on Iraq’s entry into the World Trade Organization (WTO), which will be held on 10/4/2023 in the hall of the Federation of Iraqi Chambers of Commerce, and also to the emerging and small projects conference for entrepreneurship, which will be held in cooperation with the Sector Development Department.”


Special meeting at the Ministry of Commerce and the Federation of Iraqi Chambers of Commerce on 10/5/2023 at the Baghdad International Fair, to discuss the challenges and opportunities available to entrepreneurs and owners of emerging entrepreneurial ideas and projects.   LINK




Clare:  A representative reveals the reason for his request to host the Prime Minister in Parliament: The dollar has burdened the citizen




Independent MP Hadi Al-Salami revealed today, Monday, that he had submitted a request to host Prime Minister Muhammad Shiaa Al-Sudani in Parliament to discuss the repercussions of the dollar exchange rate.


Al-Salami said in a statement to Al-Mutala’ Agency, “A request was submitted to the Presidency of Parliament to host Prime Minister Mohamed Al-Sudani, based on the supervisory role and the legal provisions in the Constitution and internal regulations, to ask an oral question regarding not replacing the Governor of the Central Bank and to discuss the repercussions of the dollar exchange rate.”


He added, “The date for hosting the Sudanese has not yet been determined, and we are waiting for it to be determined,” noting that “the dollar exchange rate has burdened the citizen, and the Central Bank and other executive bodies have not been able to control it.”


He explained, “The session hosting the Prime Minister witnesses his demand to dismiss the Governor of the Central Bank due to his failure to carry out the tasks assigned to him.” LINK


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