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Goldenboy:  After listening to Frank last night and reading thru the articles today. I see a fascinating timeline approaching where many currencies and monetary reforms colliding next week!
Between the dong floating starting next Monday and the gold cards cranking up next week in order to pay fees, there seems to be a allignment of dominoes to be pushed over very soon.
A friend sent me a text who is a bank President and has been involved in this for 8 years like me. He said that he got word of an internal adjustment in Iraq of $2.28 and we should see something soon. IHO.
Now even though Frank said no rv this month does not mean no RI this month!  Float to an RV in February or March. IMO, they have the Mosul, Fallugia, mess to clean off the plate which is a security trifecta (Ramadi)three key cities

The icing on the cake is the last adjustment by Shabbibi January 17th,2009. I believe! So if they are running a few weeks behind and pop the cork in mid January, i think we will all be content. Just my opinion family! God Bless!
Frank26:  What IF on post BIBLE STUDY CC tonight I gave You a file that has VARIABLES that the NET wants so badly in order to do the math being done in a MR?
WOW …….. Huh?    Watch me tonight.    KTFA    Frank

JohnWG49:  Question for Frank. I think I understand the news you were saying about the Dong yesterday. My question is does that news indicate the Dong may go at the same time as the Dinar now or IYO will it still go later?
Frank26:  SUPERIOR question ………… Tonight CC
Islandg1211:  Did Everyone expect an RV on NYE? No. In fact, NO ONE expected an RV. In Frank’s opinion, a change in the rate Inside of Iraq was expected on Jan 1, with an RV 2-3 weeks later.
When Delta first began to talk about a date in December, followed by Frank talking about NYE, I posted, reminding the family that according to Eagle1, there is no major international financial movement between Dec.15-Jan. 15. I also reminded the Family that the last time the CBI changed the rate was third week of January.
The question is: does the CBI have to show an in-country rate prior to the international RV?
IMO, No.
They could have, but just as we have seen the bond sale, and the ide of a 40 cent float go by the wayside, so could the in-country rate, because, it isn’t needed.
What is needed?
Budget Law
Taxes and Tariffs
Lower Denoms
Oil Price security
Abadi planting a flag in Mosul.

What did happen on New Years?
The Budget was signed and Abadi made a speech.
IMO, the Budget, Taxes and Tariffs did need President Massaud’s signature. However, whether they get printed in the Gazette just before or on the day of, the RV is not important.
The same goes for the electronic movement/sale of the Lower Denoms. All three are poised, and are still poised for the targeted RV date.
In Abadi’s speech, he said that he will plant a flag in Mosul. It symbolic. It’s where ISIS started. Its a major city. Abadi will use this photo to mark the liberation of Iraq over ISIS. He doesn’t want to do this in Fallujah. He will wait until Fallujah and any other ISIS pockets are gone, then walk the streets of the already cleared Mosul and declare victory.
Is this possible for the RV targeted date? Yes.
Are the oil prices ready to climb to reach the price needed by the targeted RV date? Yes.
Zerb:  islandg great post! You hit a lotta great points. IMO I’m expecting a rate any day regardless of what time of year or whether or not drS has his 3 day window…
I Feel there’s a lot of things going on behind the scenes that we aren’t privy to…no one can really say what the holdup is or if there is one. We could be right in the eye of the storm right now! Lets watch what they do and not what they say.
Franky…Why dont you hear anyone in Iraq talking about how much revenue they are losing everyday by not collecting T&T?
Will the addition of new rate and implementation of taxes and tariffs be enough to cover the budget deficit if black gold is still below $30 a barrel?
If not then they must wait till oil goes back up…Where is Sistani? Has M been completely neutered??
I remember last night frank hinted they would use M somehow??? IMO they must be tidying up some loose ends with regards to total elimination of isis. I would love to hear what they’re telling the citizens on TV and in the mosques!?!
Where are all the people that used to live in the cities that have been flattened where are all these people going?
Lastly, imo stayed tuned family to what happens to financial markets in the next 2-3 weeks…there is so many issues right now…..intel was saying that if we can get through the next two to three months of 2016…….then….
Islandg1211:  IMO the only thing that didn’t happen on Jan 1, was we didn’t see an in country rate that Frank was expecting. Big deal. That idea was about as brilliant as selling bonds prior to an RV or coming out sit a 50,000 Dinar in December.
Forex isn’t even open on New Years. No one but Frank talked about an in-country increase in the exchange rate prior to the international release.
There was no article on that plan. The idea that the GCR reset could be launched Dec 31st is ridiculous.  IMO
Walkingstick:  Iraqi judiciary: We have recovered hundreds of billions in 2015 .. and senior officials convicted
Tuesday 05-01-2016 | 1:04:19
Twilight News / confirmed judges specialize into integrity issues in the Court of Appeal Baghdad / Rasafa that the judiciary did not take into account the positions of the defendants and their backgrounds at sentencing, with judges announced that senior officials in the state have been convicted, reviewed the rates of achievement over the past year.
Judge Jumaa al-Saadi head of felonies integrity, he told a gathering of journalists that “we export our judgments according to the law and the evidence, regardless of the position of the accused and the background.”
He added that “the Criminal Court resolved 642 cases during the last year, and the remaining 10 cases only the occurrence of discriminatory appeals them,” pointing out that “senior officials in the state among those convicted.”
For his part, achieve integrity judge Mohammed Salman said that his court issued the “3460 an arrest warrant in 2015 for corruption cases, some of them carried out and the other is still in progress after that issued a travel ban and reserve funds fleeing the right to force them to surrender orders.”
Salman said that “The Court resolved during this period 3298 investigative issue.”
He added, “Over the past year we have been able to stop the 560 billion dinar exchange through the manipulation of instruments.”
To that, the judge Haidar Hisham Prosecutor in the Court of integrity continuation of the “coordination with the Integrity Commission and the unity of the fight against money laundering in the Central Bank”.
Hisham said that “this format has enabled us to move several lawsuits against the accused of wasting public money and corruption cases.”