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VINDICATION …………. Just like milk ……… GOTTA LOVE IT !! (See article below)
Now we can TRUST ……… To wait for this publication !!!!

Golly ……… Wish I had said this ………… :))
Their other option is to raise their exchange rate huh?
KTFA    Frank…… LOL ……. Who wants to TALK tonight LOL.

Walkingstick:  Parliamentary Finance: Finance ministries will receive their allocations immediately after the publication of the budget in the Official Gazette

Date: 01/06/2016 11:38 |
Ahmed Sarhan
Information / BAGHDAD / ..
Finance Committee announced in the House of Representatives, on Wednesday, that the ministries will receive their funds immediately after the publication of the general budget in the official Iraqi newspaper facts, pointing out that that of the executive branch functions.
He said committee member Ahmed Sarhan told / information /, “The ministries and state institutions will receive their budget and financial allocations in the general budget for 2016 after publication in the Official Gazette.”
Ahmed said, “The House of Representatives cleared the responsibility of the budget law, and the rest of the proceedings related to the government and the Council of Ministers that they should pursue it.”
The House of Representatives last month approved a general budget for the 2016 law, while the Iraqi government later decided to challenge some of the budget items. Finished / 25
Lexi:   Is this what you were saying you looked for to be in the gazette this week? I was wondering like the article said it would be allocated to the ministers right away.
So if the HCL is in the budget and the budget is printed in the gazette why we won’t see it? Will they print the budget in the gazette and conceal everything that has to to with rate like the numbers, HCL etc..If I can recall correctly I believe Delta told us something needs to be in the gazette for 30 days to be legal correct?
Is that what they may be doing at this point? I remember last year or year before your teams found the doubled article # to hide info. last year that way. Is that even close you think?
7-FA:  UPDATE on Randy…. Family thank you for all the prayers Randy (Aggiedad77)  will be released from the hospital and is going home after lunch….. Thank you again for the all the prayers.. God is good…. All the time.
Frank26:  ………… So You say they are NOT working on the MR in the CBI cause their MATH is turned in for a GRADE of a RATE…………..Huh? (see article below)
Yes.     So what they doing?
Read my CC NOTES from last night.  Link
TA DA !!
Walkingstick:  Abdul Latif Abdul Basit Turki took 439 million reward end of the service, including 125 million reward from the Governor of the Central Bank Keywords
By Mohammed Emad 06/01/2016 03:49 |
Brother – Baghdad
Former MP for the province of Basra, Wael Abdul Latif revealed to give the Office of the President of the FSA Abdul Basit Turki 439 million reward end of the service.
Abdul Latif said the former deputy to Al Baghdadi said, “Abdel-Basit Turki head of the FSA taking 439 million reward his retirement at the end of the service, including 125 million reward from the Governor of the Central Bank Keywords”.