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JHocky00:  Frank some food for thought. I haven’t been on much lately. But from the few notes I have been able to read as of late here is what I’m thinking. In your notes you say the budget/budget law will be posted in the gazette in next few days.
So on that matter I believe you stated the HCL is in the budget and the 4th & final part of the HCL for the citizens is in the budget. Also that the T&T is in the budget. If they apply the T&T they would need a rate or it would fail.
So I say this not to question you but to understand if I’m missing something. So my thing is this, once the budget is officially posted in the gazette seems a rate need follow very soon from all the listed above. It could even be possible for this rate to appear so we could go from RI-RV in January.

Walkingstick:  Iraqi officials in the assets of international banks stood at $ 220 billion and enough to balance Iraq for three years without selling a single barrel of oil? !!
Date: 2016/01/08
Palm-news sites reported that the volume of solid US assets of Iraqi officials of previous governments as well as officials in the government of the Kurdistan Akulaik deposited in international banks reached so far (220) billion dollars.
She added that this amount alone is enough to budget for Iraq and for a period of three years without exporting barrels of oil and one showed that these shocking facts must be seen by the Iraqi people and the international community to let them know well Where did Iraq funds and wealth over the past years, and why endure the rigors of austerity in the presence of these amounts huge.
The parliamentary finance committee has revealed for the registration of about 228 billion dinars major losses in fictitious projects was supposed to be completed during the past year late walker, specifically before the end of the era of the previous government, indicating that there are political deals and financial corruption great behind those numbers with the growing presence phantom companies in the country.
Said Majida al-Tamimi (member of the Finance Committee in the House of Representatives) that “the Iraqi treasury has seen the loss of 228 billion Iraqi dinars (186.2 million dollars), in projects and fake over the past year, was supposed to be carried out by the competent authorities in the former government agencies (referring them to the state the second former Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki). ”
She added, “Most of the projects were awarded to the relatives of officials, managers of companies to be considered, while it was a fake companies do not exist.”
According to a member of the Parliamentary Integrity Committee, Ribawar Taha, there are more than 4,600 fictitious project has not been implemented so far has spent amounts, though the Integrity Committee will work to verify the evidence of those involved in this project and then take the necessary right actions, pointing out that among those involved in this project Senior officials in the state, whether former or current.
http://nakhelnews.com/news/40330/%D8%A7 … 9%8A%D8%A9
J+G:  Interesting read if its correct, but interesting none the less.
Jim Willie: This Will Be the Trigger for the Big Banks to Explode
The low oil price is the signal of the dying dollar.
Sub $30 Oil -When this happens, big banks explode
“The reset has begun, the plug has been pulled. Americans and US and western press watch the dollar and say it’s strong. I watch the oil price and say the dollar’s dead.
After ’71 when the gold standard was broke, called the Bretton Woods Accord, what replaced the gold standard but the de facto petrodollar standard?
If your standard for backing, even on a de facto basis, for the dollar with oil, and oil is going down in value, does that not mean that the entity backed by oil is dying? Yes! And this is where the paradox comes. When the oil price goes down, the dollar gets flipped up. When the dollar gets flipped up, gold gets flipped down. Because they are negatively correlated,” states Jim Willie in an interview with Trunews on Jan. 4, 2016.
The ‘petrodollar’ is this: “In 1973, a deal was struck between Saudi Arabia and the United States in which every barrel of oil purchased from the Saudis would be denominated in U.S. dollars. Under this new arrangement, any country that sought to purchase oil from Saudi Arabia would be required to first exchange their own national currency for U.S. dollars.
In exchange for Saudi Arabia’s willingness to denominate their oil sales exclusively in U.S. dollars, the United States offered weapons and protection of their oil fields from neighboring nations, including Israel.
By 1975, all of the OPEC nations had agreed to price their own oil supplies exclusively in U.S. dollars in exchange for weapons and military protection. As more countries continue to move away from the petrodollar system which uses the U.S. dollar as payment for oil, we expect massive inflationary pressures to strike the U.S. economy,” states FTM Daily.
The death of the dollar is seen in the low oil price, which kills the economy. It kills the oil sector.
We’re not having a recovery!
We’re having a death event!
I think the declining oil prices will cause Saudi Arabia to depeg from the dollar. Here’s why: Their budget deficit is huge. It’s staggering huge. So they’re going to want to finance it. They’re floating Saudi bonds, but would you want to buy them when you think they might have a regime collapse? No.
The Saudis announced pretty much done with this “dollar business”, but the American press doesn’t report it.
They’ve already pulled the plug on the dollar. They recognized their gold was stolen in Switzerland (by the US) and then decided they would set up closer relations with China back in 2014, and expanded their RMB swap facility to do trade outside the dollar.
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Most Big Banks and Corporations in the US are Satanic
I don’t think the American people have the capacity and are not going to get the information that the petrodollar has died. I don’t’ think they can make the leap to conclude that most corporations and big banks are Satanic. I don’t think they have the capacity to accept that – it’s not in their DNA.
Trigger Events – Sub $30 Oil
When this happens, big banks explode with covenant violations, and decide that they’re not going to put more loans on patches for the energy companies to service their debt. We might see small and big oil companies go belly up.
“The price of oil on Wednesday morning plunged to another recent low as global geopolitical tensions grow, the volatility of Chinese markets continues, and the global glut of oil gets even bigger.
As of 10:30 a.m. GMT (5:30 a.m. ET) the price of Brent crude, the European benchmark, slipped to exactly $35 a barrel — its lowest level in more than 11 years. The price is down nearly 4% on the day, and it’s still falling,” reports Business Insider on January 6.