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CSHessman:  Frank, I don’t see anyone else asking, so, I will take a stab at it… Can you share as to how or why Delta is being “blocked” “locked out”?
Mountainman:  How bout this “For the CB-EYES ONLY”…..IMO….DELTA you are too CLOSE!!! LOL
Dinari11:  EF Hutton Sistani

Iraqi PM Abadi pledges corruption drive after Sistani criticism
Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi speaks during the Iraqi Police Day at a police academy
in Baghdad January 9, 2016.
Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi on Saturday pledged to stamp out corruption this year amid criticism from the nation’s highest Shi’ite cleric, Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani, that his government has done little to combat graft.
Sistani, a reclusive octogenarian, enjoys almost mythological stature among millions of Shi’ite followers and wields authority few Iraqi politicians would openly challenge.
Corruption within the officers corp was one of the reasons of the Iraqi army’s failure to oppose the sweeping advance of Islamic State in 2014, according to the findings of an ad-hoc parliamentary committee.
“2016 is the year of eliminating corruption, there is no such things as acceptable corruption and non-acceptable corruption,” Abadi said in a speech at a ceremony to celebrate the anniversary of the Iraqi police force in Baghdad. Sistani on Friday renewed his calls to the government to reform the administration and combat corruption.
“A year has lapsed and nothing has been achieved on the ground,” his representative, Sheikh Ahmed al-Safi, told the worshippers in a sermon in Kerbala, a holy Shiite city south of Baghdad.
(Reporting by Maher Chmaytelli; Editing by Toby Chopra)
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http://www.reuters.com/article/us-midea … IH20160109
Frank26:  LOL………. In my TEAM CC NOTES :
Man he yelled at me !!!
KTFA    Frank
From Recaps Comment Section:
P.Love:  Dr. Clark, I have a quick question. You said….
“The IQD Dinar will be exchangeable, at exchange centers all over the WORLD
EVERYWHERE at a HUGE rate, well over $3.00, along with the VND Dong at a rate of well over $1.00 – for sure, within the 1st Week of March, 2016. The other currency’s are scheduled, but not yet confirmed.”
Does that mean the other currencies will be the 1st week of March as well or before or after?
Dr. Clarke:  Yes, 5 other currencies scheduled for 1st week, but not yet officially approved, like IQD & VND. Thats why China visited & contracted with Zimbabwe last week, and Iran sanctions not completed…. Little more time needed.
Rumors on Rupiah are, well, air….it’s waiting with others because of political disagreements… Little more time, it will all be approved.
That’s the schedule set now… All 1st week of March. This is not a guess. I KNOW, this is the week, set in stone, due to who i am……Barring an assasination of some kind, which is entirely possible, given current hostilities….
Friends, just know that Iraq has a little more cleaning & tightening up to do. A few laws, a couple cities, consumer trust, and a timetable on the oil pricing, that was set last year.
That timetable will end and prices start rising by 1-25-16. It’s scheduled. Iran is scheduled too. So, sit back & watch the show.
Russia is the sleeper designed to assist this whole process from the closet. Watch this week… And smile.
I Intend the Best For All,   Dr. Clarke