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Aggiedad77:  WalkingStick….awesome articles being found this morning….thanks for your dedicated effort.
If I didn’t know better from the tone and subject matter of all these articles when taken collectively I would…..IMO of course….that something is happening within Iraq…..maybe something big….who knows…..I just notice the attention seems far away from terrorism….ISIS/DAASH seem to only be lurking now in the darkest of corners of Iraq…..
Meanwhile with the urgent shove from the Holy Man Sistani…..PM Abadi seems to be focusing so intently on corruption all of a sudden….a renewed effort in this regard on his part as we’ve known since the first day he took office that corruption was probably second on his priority list behind defeating terrorism…..he’s erupting now….even to the point of shuffling the deck within the Integrity Commission it seems……
I’m sensing a renewed urgency with things in Iraq now….the coming hours and days should be of great interest I think…..we shall see.   Aloha  Randy

Walkingstick:   Member Finance prosecutors rule out resorting to currency printed internally and prepared by the “collapse of the economy.”
Ruled out the parliamentary Finance Committee member Ahmed Sarhan, Sunday, resorting to monetary currency printed inside Iraq, returned it if happened, “a collapse of the Iraqi economy.”
Ahmed said in a statement to Agence / information / “The reports that indicated a desire to print internally currency is just rumors,” adding, “I do not expect to resort to this process.”
Ahmed said, “We have foreign currency reserves,” explaining that “resorting to this thing is a complete collapse of the Iraqi economy.”
He pointed to “the existence of loans and other methods of alternative agricultural and industrial such as investing, that would generate money for the country,” stressing that “Print Banknotes on the way the blockade does not serve the Iraqi economy, never.” Finished / 25 s
Walkingstick:  The government is talking about went to activate the private sector and emphasizes: high price of the dollar will not last long
BAGHDAD / … the appearance of Mohammed Saleh, an economic advisor to the Prime Minister Haidaralebadi, Sunday, Ban said the government moved aggressively to stimulate the private sector during the current 2016, for control of the economic conditions of the country, while pointing out that the rise in the US dollar against the Iraqi dinar We will not continue for a long time.
Saleh said for “Eye Iraq News”, that “the Iraqi government has set numerous and integrated plans for the advancement of the areas of the private sector in the country, for control of the economic situation and securing financial expenses, as well as to avoid the risk of a financial crisis that threatens Iraq’s economy significantly.”
“The economic plans by the government to promote the private sector of the country, including the development of aspects of agriculture, industry and the introduction of modern methods to improve production.” Ended 4
Walkingstick:  Financial crisis hampering legislation laws “important” social security and three economic laws will be approved
Author: AB, BS, MK
Editor: AB, BS 2016/01/10 12:29
Long-Presse / Baghdad
Confirmed the decision of the parliament Imad Youkhana, on Sunday, that the financial crisis will impede legislation some laws “mission” in that it encompasses the financial implications, and pointed out that among those laws revenue control and the law of the Federal service and the appointment of special grades Commission Law, and as likely to pass security and pension law, draw close to that law in some paragraphs of European laws.
He said the decision Parliament Imad Youkhana in an interview to the (long-Presse), said that “there are some important laws that include financial implications and that the government had withdrawn to make some adjustments, including revenue that need a lot of money and the law of the Federal service and vote on the appointment of a monitoring body Law special grades, “noting that” the financial crisis will impede the passing of such laws. ”
He Youkhana, that “there are other laws include the financial implications, but that it is possible legislation into law pension and social security, which supports worker and self-funded,” pointing to “the importance of this law being a support worker of his money without having to spend money from the government,” pointing to that “the law is close in some paragraphs of European laws.”
He pointed Youkhana, that “the oil and gas law is not in him any financial implications, but will bring financial and imports of the country and lack of legislation has nothing to do financial consequences but needs a political agreement,” asserting that “the differences between the federal government and the province to prevent legislation.”
For its part, the Economic Commission is expected to pass three laws to support the Iraqi economy during the next legislative term, while confirming that those laws do not include any financial implications.
Committee member, said in an interview with Nora Albjara to (long-Presse), said that “there are three important laws in the current session, but it does not include any financial consequences”, expected that “those laws are passed during the current legislative term.”
She Albjara, that “these laws are all of commercial agents law on those wishing access to agencies of international companies or open a business and agencies in Iraq to those companies,” indicating that “the second law is the establishment of refineries, which regulates the process of establishing refineries in Iraq Act”.
She noted a member of the Economic Committee, that “third law is the census law, which is the most comprehensive of the population being submitted studies and solutions,” pointing out that “those laws will be passed in the House of Representatives in the next stage after the resumption of the House of Representatives for his work.”
The world oil prices fell more than 60% since the summer of 2014 the past, which affected the imports of countries that rely on it as a resource for the basis of its economy, including Iraq.
http://www.almadapress.com/ar/news/6268 … %86-%D9%85