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Harvestime: Frank, does this mean that banks and money transfers can now wire dinar? If I understand this correctly this means dinar can be wired out and wired into Iraq. However, wiring of the dinar would mean that it is international. Please gives us your opinion on this. I just feel this is extremely huge. In fact, I’m thinking it’s some of the greatest info we have been given by the CBI!!! Family, I believe the international rate is required for this to occur. Not sure why people aren’t commenting on this and asking questions.
CBI News & Announcements
To / all licensed banks and licensed money transfer all companies and financial investment companies and broker the buying and selling of foreign currencies approved all companies (foreign exchange rate)

Zerb:  they are really talking the talk…let’s see if they can truly walk the walk……Soon?
So much going on behind the scenes… Budget is so full of stars…what they must not be telling us LOL
Iraq…. Hurry up and wait no longer……hehehe
Question is…will there be an event or something that will allow the price of oil to quickly go back to the mid 40s???hmmmmmm
Will M finally be arrested? Is the cleanup completed? Are the citizens ready for a change??
instituting the Rider will bring forth:
Taxes & Tariffs revenue machine
the sale of legit bonds
the new budget @ IR
ISX on fire
Accounts Payable paying invoices (did u see the article the other day about iraq making a payment to the korean co who built that new housing city outside of Baghdad?)
LD’s unleashed
electronic pay checks and debit card processing
HCL citizens……?
Market economy w new investors
Keep adding to list…
Some really great posting today…keep it going family! Stay warm. SMILE… That will warm any room.
Benblessed:   IMO…   http://www.thebanker.com/Top-1000
Short 5 minute summary- there are many sites to look at such as Forbes- but here’s a short video.
Brian Caplen, editor of The Banker, provides a summary of the Top 1000 World Banks Ranking results for 2015.
Chinese Banks are by far the biggest in the world. And make the most money. Interesting.
http://theeconomiccollapseblog.com/arch … erivatives
http://theeconomiccollapseblog.com/arch … -in-europe
Be AWARE….   Blessings,Mountainman
Dnari131:  French president declares economic emergency, vows to redefine country’s business model
Monday, Jan. 18 2016.
French President Francois Hollande delivers his speech as he presents his New Year greetings to Employment and Unions forces at the Economic, Social and Environemental Council in Paris, Monday, Jan. 18 2016. Hollande pledged to redefine France’s business model and declared what he called “a state of economic and social emergency,” unveiling a 2-billion-euro ($2.2 billion) plan to revive hiring and catch up with a fast-moving world economy. (Yoan Valat / AP)
Tribune wire reportsContact Reporter
French President Francois Hollande pledged Monday to redefine France’s business model and declared what he called “a state of economic and social emergency,” unveiling a $2.2 billion plan to revive hiring and catch up with a fast-moving world economy.
The measures he proposed, however, are relatively modest, and he said they would not “put into question” the 35-hour workweek. With his country under a state of emergency since extremist attacks in November, Hollande did not seek to assume any new emergency powers over the economy.
In an annual speech to business leaders, Hollande laid out plans for training half a million jobless workers, greater use of apprenticeships, and aid for companies that hire young workers.
Hollande’s Socialist government has struggled to boost long-stagnant French growth or reduce chronic unemployment, which has been around 10 percent for years. His chances of winning a potential second term may hinge on whether jobs pick up before next year’s presidential vote.
Hollande stressed the urgency of updating France’s labor-friendly business model in an increasingly border-free, online economy. The measures included a loosening of France’s rigid working time rules, and a bonus of 2,000 euros to small businesses that hire young people.
He stressed the need to integrate youth from France’s troubled suburbs, including minorities who face job discrimination, into the global economy. High unemployment in France’s North African and African communities is seen as one of the factors driving some youths to violent extremism or the drug trade.
Some measures will be included in draft economic reform laws the government is presenting to parliament in the coming weeks.
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