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Walkingstick: The release of the assets of Bank Melli Iran frozen in Germany
2016/1/19 16:06 • [Follow-Wayne]
said Nasser Hemmati, Executive Director of Iran’s Bank Melli, the release of frozen assets in Germany, next to the lifting of restrictions on transfers of bank branch in the emirate of Dubai.
He explained Hemmati, that Bank Melli had a prior arrangement with the German central bank to issue the conduct of activities license in the city of Hamburg, and indeed the Bundesbank issued a license yesterday.

He said he was under the issued license is the release of frozen assets of Iran’s Bank Melli, pointing at the same time to hold introductions necessary to open a branch in London and the topic drawing the issuance of the British government’s license in this regard.
He explained CEO that he has removed restrictions on the Bank of Mir Business and the Russian Bank Melli’s activities in Moscow, will be the resumption of the activities of all branches of Bank Melli abroad in the near term.
He Hemmati to the existence of negotiations between the Bank and foreign banks in order to find a brokerage service and there is an agreement in this regard, noting that Bank Melli has 17 branches abroad, all of which is preparing to offer its services to traders and businessmen Alaamal.anthy
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Walkingstick:  US airstrike destroys second site of ISIS cash reserves
By Lucas Tomlinson, Jennifer Griffin Published January 19, 2016 FoxNews.com
U.S. warplanes destroyed a large Islamic State bank in Mosul late Monday night – the second time in the last week the military has targeted an ISIS finance center holding significant cash reserves, a senior defense official tells Fox News.
An estimated $45 million in U.S. dollars and Iraqi dinars were located in the ISIS storage facility destroyed Monday in Iraq’s second largest city, according to officials.
Early reports indicate the collective strikes on the two sites are “crushing” ISIS, according to the senior defense official. It has been reported that ISIS salaries to its fighters and civil servants have been significantly reduced as a result of the strikes.
The latest comes a week after another U.S. airstrike destroyed an ISIS building in Mosul housing an estimated $90 million in cash.
Around 2,000 ISIS fighters occupy the 1.5-million Sunni-majority city of Mosul, according to estimates from the Iraqi military. Iraqi Prime Minister Haider Abadi said recently he wants Mosul retaken by the end of 2016 and ISIS destroyed.
Iraqi military officials hope to start a ground offensive beginning in the spring.
In the past weeks, the U.S.-led air campaign has increased its airstrikes in and around Mosul, the largest ISIS stronghold in Iraq.
In November, Highway 47 connecting Mosul to ISIS’s de-facto capital of Raqqa, Syria was cut off after the Iraqi city of Sinjar was retaken by Kurdish forces aided by U.S. airpower.
But ISIS has made gains in recent days in eastern Syria, according to reports.
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