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However, I wish it was the CBI saying it.  Tried to open link to see if I could figure out who/where this originates from but it would not open. Could be my puter. Can’t recall who Tamimi or Mahmoud are. Does anyone know who this is that is showing us this long awaited pot of gold at the end of the rainbow? Thank you so much Frank and team and all here for the exhaustive, on-going contributions!

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From Monday Night CC:  Delta  Article:  “An Invitation to Link the Iraqi Dinar to Global Economies”   (posted below)
There is a lot information going on…one of them of course is the announcement from the CBI and…we don’t think it will be 1180 or 1182…but you do remember basically the same announcement that came from the CBI back in December telling all the banks to get ready…
The first announcement back in December was talking about the rate that came out the 1182 and 1180 but this announcement that came out two days ago doesn’t have any rate they are just basically telling all their banks to calculate numbers based on the numbers from the CBI…
This announcement gives no numbers and they are being told to do this based on international standards…this is very important information.  …this article about linking the Iraqi dinar globally…
This guy I believe is the President of the Iraqi Stock Exchange and he talks about linking the dinar globally…they have to do this and they know it…this guy knows what is happening and understands that the government and the CBI are about to do something and we should all understand this.
An invitation to link the Iraqi dinar to the global economy
1/19/2016 0:00
BAGHDAD Hussein al-Tamimi Tgb
stressed global stock representative in Iraq Osama Mahmoud importance of unifying laws and legislation governing economic action, pointing to the importance of linking the Iraqi dinar to the global economy and thus achieve a monetary value to him in front of the world’s currencies, which in turn will give the power of the economic process within the country.
He said in an interview «morning»: that the Iraqi economy at the current stage needs to be clearly defined, pointing out that the laws relating to the economic aspect is still pursuing regulations socialist formula in the economic management of the sector, while economic and trade process pursues an open economy approach or the so-called (the market economy) .
He noted that this duplication of inevitably the economic file management will produce an economy is uncertain, Dhi different results, and here you must know that all the major industrialized nations rely open market that adopted in the production processes and import and export operations theory, and therefore, the state of commercial exchange between the countries process It must be built on a unified economic system.
Mahmoud said, an example of the reality of the Iraqi economy, it continues to rely on letters of guarantee granted to the traders to complete the import of goods operations, and this means limited to Iraqi criticism within the banks, and then prevent the spread of the Iraqi dinar in international markets, and the result was to weaken the value of the dinar and the inability to use it outside the borders of Iraq, noting the importance of the introduction of the Iraqi dinar to global markets.
He continued by saying that the most important results of the unification of laws with economic applications in a market economy theory is to link the Iraqi dinar to the global economy and thus achieve the monetary value of the dinar against the global currency This in turn will give the power of the economic process in Iraq.
He said that the entry of the Iraqi dinar investment and thus can any investor to keep the Iraqi dinar as an investment in the currency market, there is no harm in raising the ceiling of printing the local currency as long as there are cash lid covers the domestic currency trading volume in global markets, also contributes to reduce hard currency emerging from Country, where traders will be able to import goods in Iraqi dinars, as well as an end to the black market phenomenon the fact that traders do not need to buy hard currency to finance their business operations.
Mahmoud said that linking the Iraqi dinar to the global economy leads to obviate the need for an auction of hard currency, which will determine the dinar exchange rate universally Iraqi against a basket of world currencies, helping to rewrite the business model of the private banks, instead of banks reliance on letters of guarantee and daily quota of hard currency given to it by the central bank on which the banks in achieving their profits, the introduction of banks investment as a project In the major internal and external business processes to take an active role in the country’s economy in the Renaissance.
Purifiers:  Middle East Oil Turmoil as Iran Re-Enters Global Market
Jan. 19 — Gina Martin Adams, managing director and equity strategist at Wells Fargo Securities, and Bloomberg’s Sam Potter discuss what Iran’s re-entry into the global oil market means to Middle East and U.S. producers. They speak on “Bloomberg ‹GO›.”
(VIDEO> Duration: 02:19 AT LINK BELOW)
Walkingstick:  First Published: 2016-01-19
Iran officially disclose the size of their assets frozen
After deliberately create the illusion that the presence of some 150 billion dollars to pass the nuclear deal, Iran announces its first exact figure: $ 32 billion.
Middle East Online
Iranian Rial expectations exposure to upward pressure
Tehran – Iran’s central bank announced that the governor of Iran will restore $ 32 billion of its funds frozen in international banks with the lifting of economic and financial sanctions by the impact of the agreement on its nuclear program into effect.
This is the first time Iran announcing the exact figure about their assets frozen abroad, after deliberately giving the impression throughout the years of the existence of up to $ 150 billion in frozen assets to pass the nuclear deal.
Crown said Seif Allah to transfer state television Tuesday he remarks, “with the lifting of sanctions and the entry into force of the nuclear deal, will be released on $ 32 billion of funds frozen.”
This was below the figure for the funds it lost Iran last year only because of the erosion of oil prices.
He explained that out of this amount will be added $ 28 billion to the funds with the central bank will be transferred to the remaining four billion dollars to the Treasury.
Saif said that “this money can be used to import basic materials. Illogical to return this money to Iran (…) will be deposited the money released in safe accounts” in foreign banks.
With the entry of agreement on Iran’s nuclear program into effect Saturday, said the United States and the European Union to lift economic and financial sanctions on Iran.
The US and Iranian officials have said that the Islamic Republic will have the opportunity to dispose of more than 100 billion dollars of frozen assets abroad, equivalent to a quarter of annual output. Iranian officials said the figure could be up to $ 150 billion.
And the government are in dire need for these funds to repay its obligations and the establishment of infrastructure projects but this pumping money into the economy will be a difficult task.
The officials would be enormous political pressure to speed up growth and raise living standards.
At the same time, reserves are likely to spend in the cause quickly bottlenecks in Iran’s struggling economy and threatens another rise in inflation.
The Iranian currency is expected to come under pressure bullish could force the authorities to take a difficult decision to determine the extent to which they want to force currency.
In 1979, Washington froze Iranian assets in US banks and their branches after the hostage-taking at the US embassy in Tehran.
The nuclear agreement in July 2015 and which came into force Saturday provides for the lifting of international sanctions ten years.
He said the central bank chief said, “This money can be used to import basic goods,” following up “illogical to return this money to Iran (…) will deposit these funds in safe accounts” with foreign banks.
The authorities announced that Iran return to the global banking system (SWIFT) and the opening of foreign banks thousand letter of credit measures that would allow Iran to return to the global economy.
In a speech Tuesday to the major economic actors, President Hassan Rowhani request a comprehensive effort to resolve economic and social problems of the country a “deflation and unemployment.”
Rowhani said in a speech broadcast on state television directly that “the difficult task in the economic sphere begins as of today.” “Today the beginning. The beginning of an innocent young man was unfairly restricted in 12 years,” referring to the international sanctions that have affected significantly on the Iranian economy since more than a decade.
“The sanctions no longer exists but still have a long way until we achieve economic development. Today our main problems are unemployment and deflation.”
He stressed Rowhani reiterated that his country lacks the means to achieve economic development. “The means are insufficient internal (…) economic development without foreign investment is not possible.”
He said that Iran needs to “$ 50 billion of foreign investment” to achieve an annual economic growth rate of 8%, while the country is witnessing a contraction.
But the decline in oil, which reached to below $ 30 paralyze the work of the government prices.
Republic OPEC member Islamic currently produces 2.8 million barrels of oil per day and exports more than one million barrels a little.