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Frank26:  C U tonight for Your Business Promo CC KTFA FAMILY ………….. DESSERT afterwards?
On MONDAY CC DELTA showed You the NAME of one LEAKING MR INFO. Said he was a BIG GUY from the ISX and gave personal data on him.
What if there were MORE like him ………… LEAKING?
LOL …….. That sounds FUNNY !!!   But IMO ……… You understand me.

C U at 8 pm est …………. \m/   KTFA    Frank
PMAc:  These last few weeks / months will reveal much about everything, as our studies since November have instilled so much confidence. The KTFA / i-Teams intel that started with confirmation that the LD’s had left the USA was unmatched.
From then (Nov) till now, the identification of the 3 IMF docs, the implementation of the SMP, and most recently the CBI’s call to the banks to be internationally ready to settle FX transactions certainly shows the cogs and gear pieces being set in a place to turn once the ignition is given a go.
I mean sure, that’s been the target the entire time right??? LOL… but with $500B stolen from the CBI at a sanctioned program rate of 1166… the entire thing had to be full of snakes.
It’s like when Indiana Jones (Ep.1) found the secret location to dig for The Ark (CBI) … and as soon as the lid came off the top… SNAKES.