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Walkingstick:  Parliamentary Finance criticize the work of the central bank in maintaining the value of the dinar
He wrote: January 23, 2016
Parliamentary Finance Committee criticized the performance of the Iraqi Central Bank and not to follow a deflationary policy would raise the value of the Iraqi dinar against the dollar.
He said the parliamentary finance committee member Ahmed Sarhan in a press statement: that the central bank does not follow the political deflationary through his province on the price of the Iraqi dinar, revealing that the government does not know why he did not follow the central bank’s policy lead to a strengthening of the Iraqi dinar against the dollar.

Sarhan said, there was “no political deflationary followed by the central bank in its dealings with the Iraqi currency,” adding that “the central bank policy is known to all attributing the cause to be an independent nothing to do with deflation and inflation.”
He said the central bank Ahmed axis of the economy in Iraq, attributing the cause to its ability to grant power of the Iraqi dinar by displaying large amounts of the dollar, leading to a decline in the dollar price rises In contrast, the price of the Iraqi dinar.
And MP Ahmed Sarhan central bank to follow to give the power of the Iraqi dinar policy which positively affect the current financial crisis.
http://altaghier.tv/2016/01/23/%D8%A7%D … %85%D8%B1/
Frank26:  And I criticize the GOI for being too SLOW in passing LAWS without chaos.
KTFA   Frank

From Recaps Comment Section:
Ralph:  Dr. Clarke, read your posted comments and agree with all you are saying, but let me comment on the “flip side” of what is being said and most likely what most currency holders believe to be the truth.
1. SECURITY Most believe that the security issue in Mosul has been handled and poses no threat to the R.V./G.C.R. and is now being viewed as something equal to the gang violence we have in certain cities within the U.S. Also, if their is any uncertainty of funds being stolen in any part of Iraq (Mosul, etc.) these areas of concern can be subdued or even eliminated from the digital process to gain access to any funds.
2. BUDGET Everyone is aware that Iraq has based their budget on many items, not just the price of oil at $45 a barrel. However, even at half the amount of $45 a barrel Iraq would still realize a great profit due to their low extraction cost. Besides, the $45 a barrel price listed in the budget, is just that, a budget price that can be adjusted in real time through a simple data entry procedure.
In conclusion, this is what most currency holders deem to be the truth, and why do they believe this? They believe this because it simply offers a faster method to the exchange date to what you are reporting. Frankly, both methods have merits in their own right, it’s just a matter of time.
Dr. Clarke:  Ralph – They’d be Mis-Informed. Read here directly, Abadi’s opening lines in his speech yesterday, at the World Economic Forum in Davos, and I Quote directly from his speech:
“Today, I have been asked to present “A Vision for Iraq.” My vision includes a coordinated Military, Political and Economic strategy to defeat Daesh. And I also envision an International effort to rebuild Iraq and reconcile our region, so that, out of our own struggle and suffering, we can set an example for triumphing over Terrorism with economic development and social inclusion.”
Read it 10 times.
What is the FIRST, MOST IMPORTANT THING HE SAYS?…….coordinated MILITARY, then Political, then ECONOMIC strategy to defeat DAESH. TO DEFEAT DAESH. TO DEFEAT DAESH. TERRORISM. First thing listed is MILITARY. He’s telling the world, what the Delay is and has been – and exactly WHY. He’s telling everyone the #1 Priority he and Iraq have to their people AND ALL THE PEOPLE OF THIS WORLD.
Friends, this is a coalition….a partnership of countries, coming together as ONE, to ACT. This is about a Multi-Faceted Strategy by THE COALITION, against Terrorism, which includes 1st and foremost: CUTTING OFF THEIR MONEY – FUNDS – CURRENCY – through insanely low OIL prices for a prolonged period (since spring of 2015), CUTTING OFF SUPPORT from other countries assisting the bad guys (like Iran formerly), Bombing the hell out of them, which includes BLOWING UP LARGE AMOUNTS OF CURRENCY IN BANKS. Recovering CURRENCY that’s been stolen. BOMBING AND SHUTTING DOWN OIL REFINERIES AND OIL OPERATIONS GENERATING CASH…..and of course, casualties.
Friends, we can’t impress enough upon you, this point any stronger. NOTHING ELSE MATTERS in this whole thing, as much as defeating DAESH – not just for Iraq. This is about the interests of the Whole World.
MOSUL is the key, to going to step 2, which is Economic – RV their FULL IN-Country Rate, first. I WILL TELL YOU, they are NOT going to completely eliminate all of DAESH from Iraq, in order to RV. The LAST piece is Mosul. Once they feel comfortable that Security is where they want it, which is minimal threat to the entire country (less currency RV for the bad guys) – they will RV in country, and get this party started….
WHY MOSUL? Read carefully. BECAUSE THEY CANNOT RV THE DINAR, AND TURN BILLIONS OF DINAR INTO TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS – in the hands of the Bad Guys – in MOSUL – and even in other parts of the world – YET. That would be INSANE AND ENDANGER every country on this planet……every country, every person in every nation – because it would inject them with the thing they NEED THE MOST – MONEY.
You read CNN headlines yesterday about the bad guys getting a 50% cut in pay….BECAUSE THEY’RE RUNNING OUT OF MONEY – CURRENCY. TIME IS SHORT. PEOPLE ARE LEAVING THEM. RECRUITING NEW HELP, IS SINKING FAST. COALITION IS BOMBING AND RECOVERING ALL THEIR IMPORTANT CASH – CURRENCY. OIL REVENUES FOR THEM HAS BEEN SINKING for months, and their supporters (like Iran used to be), have stopped and been persuaded they’re on the wrong side of this equation – ECONOMICALLY. Why do you think they’re spreading out all over the place, running now in Syria, Pakistan, Libya……France etc?
Friends, we’re close to the end of this Terrorism – Security issue in Iraq – AS FAR AS THE RV is concerned. They’ll have the Security level they need soon, to increase the value, and not put them and the whole world at risk, by significantly increasing their funds.
This is a COALITION DECISION, not just Iraq’s – because it involves the Whole World’s SECURITY. That’s how big it is, and that’s why this thing has dragged on for so long (or it seems).
Oh, it’s about Security. It’s ALL about SECURITY. FIRST.
I’d love to answer everyone’s questions, but I just don’t have that kind of time. If you dig a little, read between the lines and don’t get too caught up in a million details about this thing, YOU’LL EASILY SEE WHAT’S HAPPENING, at this point in time.
Keep it Simple. Watch Mosul. Watch OIL. Watch the Law announcements. Then watch a FULL IN-Country Rate Increase. Then next, it’s INTERNATIONAL……we say MARCH, because we know the timeline, as it stands right now, in order to get EVERYTHING (Primarily Terrorism and Laws, in the Best Position), and coincide with what the U.N.- IMF also have planned with other nations, globally.
CAN A HUGE CATASTROPHE HAPPEN AND DELAY THIS LONGER – YES, it can. Always, a possibility in the world we live in. Do we want it to? NO. Of course not.
Here’s ONE POSITIVE THING TO REALIZE: For the long time this has dragged on for most of you – there have been MILLIONS of people, that have now gotten the opportunity to learn about this, purchase currency & change their lives, their families lives and generations of people ahead – when the increased rates are available