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Walkingstick:  Zebari discuss with New Zealand, Brazil, Canada ambassadors promote investment and debt settlement
2016/1/24 21:39 • [Baghdad-where]
Search and Finance Minister Hoshyar Zebari, with New Zealand, Brazil, Canada ambassadors in Iraq, promote investment and debt settlement.
According to a ministry statement received by the agency all of Iraq [where] a copy of it, that Zebari “received on-site alternative to the ministry today James Monroe Ambassador of New Zealand in Iraq, and discussed with him the economic and trade relations and the desire of both sides to develop”.

He also met with Zebari “also Miguel Jr. Magallhays Brazilian ambassador to Iraq, and discussed bilateral Mahalalaqat in all fields and the desire to increase economic and trade cooperation between the two countries, especially as they are linked by ties of cooperation historical document in the commercial field, the parties stressed the desire to debt settlement and including help for investment Brazilian companies in Iraq.
“He met with the Minister of Finance,” Bruno Sakmona Canadian Ambassador and discussed with him ways to increase cooperation between Iraq and Canada in light of the development of trade relations between the two countries and the participation of many Canadian companies to invest in Iraq.
“and accept Zebari,” the political and security situation and the continuation of the war against the entity Daash terrorist and the price of Canada’s position in support of Iraq in this war and its role in the international coalition and its humanitarian assistance in the reconstruction of the liberated areas and the importance of the support of the international community to fund reconstruction “.anthy
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Walkingstick:  America’s economic advisers sent to the region to help him overcome the financial crisis
2016/1/24 22:10  [Baghdad-where]
the US ambassador to Iraq, Stuart Jones revealed the intention of the United States sent economic advisers to the Kurdistan region to assist him in overcoming the financial crisis.
A statement by the provincial government that “the Prime Minster Nechirvan Barzani and his deputy, Qubad Talabani has met with a diplomatic delegation headed by US ambassador to Iraq, on Sunday and expressed his willingness to tackle the financial crisis, which passes by the region.”
He noted Barzani to “the causes of the financial crisis in Kurdistan, “pointing out that” cutting the Kurdistan region budget by Baghdad, and the Battle of Daash, and displaced persons in the region, and the low price of oil, are all causes of the financial crisis in the Kurdistan region.
“He asked Nechirvan Barzani,” the technical assistance of the US delegation to be able to Skip this crisis, and implementation reforms Typically, the development of a long-term plan to cope with such crises.
“For his part, praised the delegation and US Ambassador to Iraq” on the steps undertaken by the Kurdistan region to address the financial crisis, the delegation pointed out that he will take the information and data to Washington and will send specialists and advisers to Kurdistan to overcome crisis current.
“He praised the US ambassador, Stuart Jones,” the role of the Peshmerga forces in the face Daash, and the Kurdistan Regional Government to provide the necessary services for displaced people in Kurdistan, “.anthy
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