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Blinkster: This noggin’ has been chasing a thought around for more than a few days, that I’d like to express about Iran.
Okay, so Iraq is described by Frank as The Prettiest Girl in the ME. (VERY attractive in every way- especially financially. lol)
Iraq has had a long line of suitors waiting, with the USA in the Front of the line having established a lasting relationship with her.
Now we have this girl’s neighbors/relative next-door (Iran) in a very seemingly enviable position. And She (Iran) is flaunting her availability; and not only salivating at the prospect of stealing Iraq’s suitors, but screaming UP YOURS to the #1 suitor.

She isn’t modest or moral about her courtings, and won’t follow the established rules, while grinning at her neighbor and thumbing her nose at the USA for all the other suitors she can uhh, engage with.
Okay enough of the analogies…my thought is this:
The Iran deal was an unpleasant, but necessary deal for positioning of many things for what is to come. And, I believe Frank even alluded to it, that Iran who finds sudden freedom, can just as easily have the rug yanked out from underneath her, just like 40 years ago, and the US can slap sanctions back on Iran so fast it will have her babbling epithets…and I believe it is coming. It’s on the way.
Then the USA will say, UP YOURS…to Iran. We don’t trust them any more than we did when we went with Saudi Arabia decades ago, that caused Iran to wig out. And Iran hasn’t forgotten it, either…AND WE KNOW IT.
I may be way, way off here, but this is what I’m thinking…and I’m also thinking that these behaviors of Iran have also been expected and factored-in to the plan as a motivational tool, to get Abadi “inspired” to complete the reforms…maybe a built-in guarantee.