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AnotherMailman:  Hi Frank! I”m not sure if you have covered this or not yet. I read an article yesterday that said the the Kurdish ports are charging 5% tariffs and the rest of Iraq is charging 30% tariffs. How long do you think it will take before this becomes a problem? Thanks!
Frank26:  IMO ………. It already has. But note how the Kurds rarely say much nowadays.
Besides IMO ………. This will get adjusted soon.
A needs to Command his country and gain Full Control.

As LAWS are doing the same with T and T’s and their borders……….. Full Control and not this disarray of percentages charged.
KTFA   Frank

Walkingstick:  Sistani calls for the use of experts to address the crisis in Iraq funds
Friday 29-01-2016 | 2:18:06
Twilight News / called on the supreme religious authority in Iraq, Ali al-Sistani Friday to the use of experts from home and abroad to confront the financial crisis in Iraq.
Iraq is facing an economic crisis because of lower oil prices and spending millions of dollars to finance the war against al “Daash”. Iraq seeks to lack of total dependence on oil, but such a move is difficult at the present time.
Sistani said, quoting help in Karbala, Abdul Mahdi al-Karbalai “The government is invited to use a team of local and international experts to develop a contingency plan to overcome the current crisis.”
He added that “the government should take austerity measures is not the common people and classes disadvantaged against nor in what it needs fighters in the fronts of confrontation with the terrorists, but for a lot of unnecessary expenses of the ministries and government departments function as foreign deputations which is of no use.”
“I have characterized the past few years after the regime change Bhetwala complex crises on the country and the crisis was ending even popped another crisis no less difficulty and intensity of its predecessor.”
Sistani said in his sermon, which is usually followed by his aides on his behalf, “it was possible to avoid a lot of them if it was in his hand things of the ruling political forces may do good disposition did not Alhthoa behind personal, factional and regional interests but have made the supreme interests of Iraq and the Iraqis over all other interests.”
“I do not deny that the job were not easy and easy, especially with the complexities of the internal situation on the one hand, and the intervention of a lot of outside parties the internal affairs of the other,” adding, “but they were not an impossible task, but it was very possible if national sincere will to those who are available are in decision-making positions to confront problems and overcome them by addressing the roots before they turn into crises suffocating. ”
He said, “we have made clear in previous speeches and more than once what it takes to overcome the crises the country of crucial decisions and procedures effective at the level of district financial and administrative corruption, or end the quotas receipt of government websites system,” adding that “the financial crisis of the country reached a dangerous level even become hospitals complaining of lack of the availability of funds to buy the necessary medicines for the surgical procedure and medical supplies, and no longer provides the full salaries of employees and retirees. ”