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Dnari131:  The religious authority calls for the development of an “emergency plan” and warns: the financial crisis reached a dangerous level
BAGHDAD / Sky Press: CE, a
Called religious authority, on Friday, the Iraqi government to develop a contingency plan to overcome the financial crisis that hit the country, and warned that as the crisis reached a dangerous level.

The representative of reference, Sheikh Abdul Mahdi al-Karbalai during Friday prayers that are held in the courtyard Husseini Mosque in Karbala and I followed “Sky Press,” that “the financial crisis of the country reached a dangerous level even become hospitals complaining of lack of funds needed for the purchase of medicines and medical supplies provide,” he said, adding that “Staff are now also complain of shortages and delays in disbursement of salaries.”
Karbalai said, “The Iraqi government is invited to use a team of experts and specialists to develop a contingency plan to overcome the current crisis”, stressing the need that “actions do not affect the citizens or fighters.”
The representative of the religious authority that “a lot of the crises can be overcome if the decision-makers and others who do good things and did not act Alhthoa behind their personal interests and the interests of Iraq and gave the Iraqis to all interests.”
It is noteworthy that Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi pledged in the 11th of August to continue the reforms it promised the people and saying, “I will continue even if it cost my life.”
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