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Walkingstick:  The Independent: Ahmed Nouri al-Maliki bought the most expensive house in the world B275 million euros
02:31:02 2016-02-01 | (Voice of Iraq) – Sumer News selling the most expensive house in the world to the buyer (Ahmed Nouri al-Maliki), compared to 275 million euros, compared to 301 million US dollars, according to a report the British newspaper The Independent.
The paper says that the property extends over 50 thousand feet square, or about 4645 square meters and located the house, in a huge park located between the areas of Versailles and Marly Le Roy in the French capital, Paris. The site Bloomberg that the person who bought the property, asked not to be identified, but sources close to al-Maliki, according to the newspaper mentioned, that his son Ahmed is bought this huge house.
This reflects the home of His Excellency the Palace of Versailles and includes home two wings main room and a huge reception roof adorned with hand drawings, and two kitchens in a technician were designed and floors reserved for occasions, in addition to the wine cellar, and Dar internal Cinema, in addition to the aquarium underground is the only one in Europe. has broken the house record globally, beating Butmenh on the price of an apartment in the British capital, London, which sold for $ 221 million in 2011. Source: Sumer News Add Comment

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Walkingstick:  The central bank called e-dinar project
01/02/2016 14:43
Tomorrow Press / Baghdad: The Governor of the Central Bank on the Keywords, on Monday, on the bank’s determination to launch the project e-dinar to facilitate the payment collection and the provision of economic service and facilitate the physical liquidity management.
Keywords and said in a workshop under the title of “electronic payment and collection system in Iraq,” held by the Secretariat General of the Council of Ministers, attended by “tomorrow Press,” that “there is an important goal in order to simplify transactions between state institutions and between the institutions and the citizens, through cash or instruments.” Between, “The Central Bank of the necessary infrastructure for payment systems develop, for the application of electronic payment , in relation to the collection or adjustments to the different agencies and institutions of the state.
“He said the Keywords,” The central bank will launch a project e-dinar soon as well as payment via mobile phone, which would reduce it from operating costs and cash handling when many of the risks as well as economic, regulatory and administrative damages and Services “. He pointed out that” This project will organize work away from the bureaucracy and the risk of corruption and presented the money to the robbery and assault, “adding that” this system will expand the circle of banking deal to bring to bring traded accounts currency within the banking system and reflected on various economic aspects. ”
http://alghadpress.com/ar/news/46756/%D … 9%86%D9%8A
Walkingstick:  Workshop payment systems and electronic collection begin its work in Iraq in Baghdad
Under the auspices of the Prime Minister Acanutorahidralebadi began in Baghdad on Monday morning business workshop payment systems and electronic collection in Iraq with the participation of Iraqi private banks association.
And it opened the workshop, which was held under the slogan / methods of electronic payment starting point the financial Nhawwalhmol Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq on the Keywords.
Looking Participants in the workshop, which is also involving several companies, including the company’s money, the universal use of electronic means of payment in order to achieve activation and to facilitate the collection of funds to supplement the financial budget of the country for the current year.
The Economic Committee of the House of Representatives filed earlier proposal to improve the collection of money and supplement the general budget by the electronic system to adopt, particularly in the areas of obtaining fees by Aldoairalkhaddmah and Doairaldharabh other government departments, which account for about 16% of the public Maronites.
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