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Walkingstick:  Iran: We have received about $ 33 billion of funds frozen
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the governor of the Central Bank of Iran Waliullah Saif said that Iran received 32 billion and $ 600 million of its funds frozen after the lifting of international sanctions on Iran under the nuclear deal with the West.
He pointed Saif in a word to him, Faculty of Economics at Tehran University that the 28 billion dollars of this amount is up to the central bank’s 4 billion and $ 600 million up to the government.

He pointed out that, according to the nuclear deal is supposed to release monthly $ 700 million in frozen Iran funds, and as the country It was suffering from financial distress so it was decided to spend the amounts that are released in meeting the economic needs of the country, and that a significant part of the funds that have reached the country has spent to organize the foreign exchange market and the provision of goods Almistordh.anthy
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Aggiedad77:  (see article below)   How about we take away the immunity anyway…..and turn files over to the Integrity Commission….oh wait….they got those files already from Hakim……oh and we do have a list of 71…..with M at the top….we’ll just start there and and sort our way down through the pig sty…..
Liquidity issues….what should be recovered from Maliki…and the selling of “his” properties around the world should handle any liquidity problems for the near term….
As for the other 70 odd inmates to join him, I’m sure there is enough graft to come back and provide for any other austere issues that may still be present……bailiff whack their bank accounts.  Aloha  Randy
Walkingstick:   Jubouri: Willing to give up parliamentary Hsanta If you agree with parliamentary blocs to lift the immunity of all deputies and ministers
BAGHDAD / new evidence
MP Mishan al-Jubouri said he was willing to give up his parliamentary immunity and submit to an investigation into his remarks on issues of corruption in the country, if approved by the parliamentary blocs to lift the immunity of all deputies and ministers to enable the elimination of the interrogation, after being accused of entire involvement in the corruption of the political class Balblad.mwaagaf Jubouri came Commenting on the announcement by one of Representatives about the need to lift the immunity of al-Jubouri, after talking about the receipt of bribes to politicians.
The MP added that his bloc will submit a complaint in the court of publishing against al-Jubouri «accused all political bribery, in a meeting on one of the satellite channels.» For his part, responded Jubouri saying on his account in to Facebook: «Instead of calling me MP supporting my campaign to expose the corrupt and hold them accountable apply to parliament to lift the immunity of Me ..
I announced to the Iraqi people for my willingness to give up their parliamentary Hsanta and habeas corpus and the integrity Commission immediately if coincided parliamentary blocs to make a decision in parliament to lift the partial immunity of MPs and ministers, including can be eliminated from the opening of all files of corruption and investigation of Full named in the investigation no matter how high would the size title. »
Walkingstick:  founder and editor in chief Iyad Zamili
What the fate of al-Maliki -almilisheat – Abadi and rebirth in the new political process to the Americans?
Saad al-Samarrai Friday , February 5, 2016 at 00:00
It seems that the results of the meetings of Qatar began to take the character of implementation ..in galleries social is relay the news that for more than 70 personal puppet and a failed and thieves on the list of the Americans for the purpose of disqualification or trial, led by al-Maliki found in house arrest, surrounded by Americans as ordered arrests of Ameri and Shahristani – Sistani client and friend of the Americans trying to enter the game Verah Faleh Fayyad alternative to Ebadi,
! (abandoned) said direct contact was from Khamenei to Karbalaye this regard because Iran carrying Abadi cause of the deterioration of Iran’s center and offers plans of settlement and expansion in Iraq at risk and stop, enter the troops US from Kuwait to Iraq has confidentially been deployed and entered in their bases for the purpose of inspection suitability to receive their soldiers, and the chest names in the list and it seems that the time would not allow him to take revenge on the killers of the Sadrists because he had managed to escape there is Iran indestructibility.! and that the leadership of the Party the call will be replaced and the return of dissidents them.
Samarra has been cleaned of militias Saraya Ackam and was remove all the flags of the militias, including raising the Iraqi flag alone were told that the Americans gave the 48-hour deadline for Saraya and some militias to leave Samarra was done and raised Kravanathm and them.!
three factions of resistance and opposition to peacefully Sunni the Americans through intermediaries trying to involve them in the new political process ..
oabaky Baath Arab Socialist Party is the episode harder so that the Americans knew of the Baath prior conditions and that they will not enter directly with disputes with the Americans or engage in any new political process which is not an apology from the Baath and provide compensation him and Iraq, and also seems to avoid this awkwardness deliberately Americans to communicate with people it said to be calculated on the Baath who were at the party and left him so Baath his faction Nakecbandian rapid deny that those they represent and to put points on the letters ..ozaam that the Americans know sensitivity and rejection of the Baath from any endeavor leads to the division of Iraq, so it is said that they have given assurances that the dismantling of Iraq and the establishment of the regions will be among the Greater Iraq and Baghdad will be the capital of the regions and its convenience and presentation of goodwill in order to share some of the leaders of the party in the new process. (Baath remains almost the only Bellman unity of Iraq and its people, refusing to split)
some jumped into his expectations to the point that the Saudi announcement of the caliphate and Jihad, backed by 100,000 fighters from the Sunni Muslim states !! Or they would expel the Persians and their followers would be attached to their political borders Iraq, Iran! And that the ambassador young man troubled by the Safavids in his movements while we believe that the implementation of some of America’s plans in agreement with Saudi Arabia to see the willingness of the parties interviewed for admission to the new plan, for example, according to the leaked me the information will be limited to the borders of Kurdistan in Sulaimaniya and Arbil either Kirkuk and Dohuk are common rates -50- Turkmen – 30 Kurds – 20 Arabs and thus ended the dream of the Kurds Kurdish state grand! .
Where is the truth of it all .. Americans followed conceal their intentions this time, however, within the context of their approach and their policy we can achieve the approaches to these intentions ..in the middle of last month, I wrote an article (accessed under this article) expected to return Americans to run Iraq again and was expectations and the information leaked are true, and here is what I said above is close to these moves as I said that America will keep Abadi and this often will be because it is less disruptive to the Americans from al-Maliki and others, as it is not satisfied with the al-Fayad, because it considers and cobble together may cause embarrassment to the Americans through the heinous crimes of no humanitarian, which boasts its members Alshakion photographed and dance around the bodies representing them, and burn her and they cut that even Daash not been carried out.
the question firmly arises as to whether this is the intention of the Americans (the establishment of three confederated province in Iraq), why Paul Braimarham not enacted when it was all over the reins in his hand .. at least he had saved us this generous blood and devastation in infrastructure and conflicts, sectarian and theft of public money .. but if this is the meaning of all what happened, so according to this particular point is not good for the American intentions and often will not do more than change Jerjobh any raise the faces and come with new faces and will continue to bleed Iraqna another time to come, and perhaps the rest of the interview.
http://www.kitabat.com/ar/page/05/02/20 … D8%9F.html
Aggiedd77:  Is this the “In the Still of the Night” movement…..notice this was supposedly published at ZERO hour on the 5th…..the US troops “confidentially” deployed….does that reek of “In the Still of the Night” to anyone else…..Maliki under house arrest…..surrounded by American troops….oh what a slap in the face….the arrest orders for Ameri and Shahristani…..two of Maliki’s key thugs in crimes….
Where are the other 68….you can bet those boots on the ground have them in target sight I can only imagine and hope…..if this is the “purge” of the truly corrupt….the most high corrupt….then the crooked line I think is becoming much straighter…..so straight in fact that a quarter may bounce up from it back into your hand….oh the precision of the US military….put these clowns in orange suits and have them march ahead of the army heading for Mosul, let them try and remember where they planted any explosive devices along the way…..BOOM….oh forgot that one did you…..walk more carefully now.
So enough with the hodgepodge militias…..keep your flags under wraps…..let the Iraqi flag be the only one seen….let it send the message that we are not to be reckoned with….not from within or outside of Iraq…..Iran…..take your “up yours” attitude and sit on it.
A 48 hour deadline….oh that takes us ever so close to the 8th…..so what if we are just a tad bit early we can be early can’t we oh what a shock to the system that would be…..SURPRISE…..SURPRISE…..SURPRISE….honey we are home…..SHAZAM.
The author of this article must come to our CC’s, he says he wrote an article middle of last month that spoke of the American return oh yes we mentioned that a few weeks/months ago….return to “run Iraq again”…..keep Abadi…..he’s a good guy….a little slow…but a good guy.
I don’t really think the Americans care too much how many provinces Iraq may end up being divided…..if we did we could have done that 12 years ago…..just pay us for the war……raise your rate…..bring your citizens up in stature…..put your country on the map……quickly…quickly and don’t be slow about it…..yes the Americans are back.
Did you notice that Frank was excited about February into March……Ramadi….Fallujah…..Mosul…..straighten that line…..look sharp…..be strong….then be stronger….and above all Keep The Faith Always….for the BEST is yet to come.
Aloha   Randy