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Hoot:  Delta sir are you still thinking we will see the fireworks by the end of february first part of march,,,,,in your opinion of course
DELTA: As a first step, the government will, by end-February 2016, amend the Investment Law, or issue clarifying implementing regulations, to remove the limitation on transfer of investment proceeds that gives rise to an exchange restriction, as recommended by a recent technical assistance mission of the IMF.
Frank26:    LOL ……… A VERY HIGH O’LD SILVER THAT IS ……..

PMac:  Let’s see if I can follow the straight line??… of flattened cities and 3M tall concrete T’s surrounding the new and expanded GREEN ZONE that poses SECURITY to the potential LL. All brought to you by BOTG (hats off to the “coalition” BTW).
I’m thinking the 8th is all about banking… Maliki… corruption… Billions… you know… all the snakes in “Raiders of the Lost Ark”?
Gonna have to set fire to the floor gentlemen. Just as stated by that one guy in the article (can’t find my notes): “We are all corrupt”. WELL DUH?!?!
Indictments… charges… corruption… NEWS FLASH… the jig is UP YOURS!!
Is that the standing growling BEAR sent to “un-intentionally” scare the barefooted investor into running for his life? Funny how the LL (long line)hasn’t budged… at all. And it won’t after the 8th either.
I’m enjoying the view from the KTFA “eye in the sky” helicopter of articles and time released intel. Can’t wait to see the new KTFA landing pad website too!!!
Hat’s off to you Frank and KTFA team. Can’t wait for Monday’s CC.
Walkingstick:    CBI News and announcements
To / licensed banks all ( allocations and guarantees to meet credit granted)
Walkingstick:  Abadi: anti-corruption and recover the money it will be the most important our steps
By admin-ri 2.7.2016 12:43 |
The prime minister Haider al-Abadi, Sunday, that the fight against corruption and the recovery of public money are the most important steps will be reform.
He stressed Abadi in a speech during the National Conference for the Protection of peaceful coexistence and the danger of hate and counter-terrorism, delivered by MP Ali Keywords, on the need to move away from the political discourse of sectarian and cooperation to support the steps of state and government to address Alaguetadah obstacle facing the country. ”
He called, to support the military forces and the Peshmerga in their war against terrorism, and the protection and maintenance of the social fabric of terrorism